Saturday, October 5, 2019

Concerning the Church of God-most-Censorious

Symbol of God-most-Censorious:  the Scepter of Divine Authority crossed by the Censorious Eye Unblinking.
It can be represented several ways.

Brethren, hear me. So long as there is man so too shall there be sin, so too must God keep his steadfast Censorious (Blessed) Eye cast upon us! And still shall death be meted upon us…

In each moment, hold tight the reins of your lustful eyes, withdraw your wronging hands, and keep watch upon your disgusting souls! Come to your graves as clean as you can, and God may grant you mercy. A dreaming hereafter rather than the other, behind, burning ice forever screaming.

Let us pray. (See us. Have Mercy!)
    -- Supreme Inquisitor Twale the Elder from Greater Sermons vol II

At its most basic level, the Church teaches one simple lesson:

Evil is human : human is evil.

There is no salvation, merely mercy. Men cannot be good. The abayence of evil is all we might strive toward.

Should the weight of your sin outweigh the heft your restraint, a damnation of burning ice and unending screams awaits you. Should your restraint have tipped the scales instead, a long and Dreaming afterlife will be yours. 

Praise God-most-Censorious, in his limited mercy.

Unsurprisingly, the Church is hierarchical in nature.

Of all the teeming masses of living men, only one man approaches actual morality, the Supreme Inquisitor.

He¬ alone may hear the will of God-most-Censorious.

He whispers God's will to the Inquisitor Generals.

The Generals relay the words of God unto Inquisitorial staff. Then through the Byzantine and circuitous hierarchy of subordinates is the message given to the Speakers. And they then speak truths to the people.

From separate traditions, three further types of Holy Orders serve beneath the Yoke of Eyes.

Brother-Monks practice flagellant asceticism. They are visible abeyance to please the Eye of God.

Sister-Nuns perform the duties of women who have abandoned their post. Functionally, this amounts to running orphanages and feeding the poor.

Mendicant Friars encourage charity wheresoever they roam. Both sexes are accepted into these orders.¬¬

Most terrible of all, God-most-Censorious heard him and answered. Cleansing is His great mercy.

¬ Always a man. God's a man. Men must be in charge. Blah, blah blah. Patriarchal bastards that they are.
¬¬ Most major Heresies originate amongst the Friars.