Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Playtest #5 --- SkipJunkies][MeatRunners

Meth Bribery: fortunately this guy hates Tim / Drugs / A well executed ℞obbery / Doing Drugs and Making Mistakes and Making more Drugs.

Character -][- Player
Ted Teddy -][- Angus
Shiny Bright -][- Evlyn
Paw Graw -][- Ian
Skuzz -][- CK
Philomena Burroughs -][- Fiona

So far they've only been to BioSpace (aka the Infinimeat), and the City State of Entrada pictured above.

  • It began out in front of the Infinimeat COffice, everyone from before (Ted, Shiny, Philomena) just got paid. Philomena knew Skuzz, and Skuzz just got off a failed Meatrun with Paw Graw.
  • They all decided to go through with the pharmacy robbing plan, and just barely caught the tattooed pharm-tech getting off work on this, the next day.
  • I rolled “irreverent” on the disposition chart b/c I dunno what kinda day this dude had. He’s into the free meth they’re offering. E’rybody rolls on over to the Büket O Blüd, which is Hugo’s scene to a T. (Hugo = the Pharm Tech)
  • Philomena talked Hugo into slipping them a hated coworkers’ keys. He agreed and told ‘em to buy a bottle of cough syrup 1st thing tomorrow morning.
  • A whole shitload of X was purchased and consumed.
  • They spent the evening and some of the night in the spacer district at The Cancellation Machine, a droning goth club.
  • Heron and Opiates and through scrounging, the ingredients for Purple Drank were obtained.
  • They crashed at Tambry’s place, and went to grab the key card first thing in the morning. Skuzz asked a question of an employee to guarantee the Philomena’s successful palming of the poorly hid key card.
  • LATER... At 3 am, after everyone got a hippy scarf (personally select by Tambry) to hide their faces, and they headed to the closed pharmacy.
  • Philomena went in the front and managed to scrounge the Alarm code from a note by the register, before it went off. She then let everyone in through the back.
  • The junkies got professional all of a sudden.
  • Shiny rolled in and spray painted every visible camera and the spots she thought there were pin cams. Then stood lookout w/ a lazer piztol.
  • Philomena directed the plunder while Skuzz popped open all the prescription cubbies with Ted’s magnet.
  • Meanwhile, Paw Graw expertly opened all the OTC cough syrup locks, and Ted tossed ‘em all into a sack.
  • Shiny spraypainted a heart on the floor, on the way out, and they absconded with the loot.
  • Tambry was grateful but withdrew into her room.
  • Lots of drugs were manufactured and done. Philomena and Paw freaked out after pushing past tolerance. Shiny and Ted ODed, but survived.
  • Skuzz cobbled together an improvised retort and cooked up a distillate from those narcwhal parts they gang kept. He probably burnt it, but the substance seemed to have some psychoactive effect. Started the process again, but with far more success.

Now I gotta write up a simple, consistent way to determine type of drugz and #bags each dealer has available.

Maybe they’ll eventually take a skip job.

I also need to work out biological and cybernetic enhancements.

Finally, I've decided to make drugs count for XP only upon doing them, or selling them.

(Formerly, just obtaining the drugs got you the XP, but keeping track of drugs you've taken vs obtained and did you get the XP, and do all of them get doubled, o wait did I get these xp from this one... blech.)