Wednesday, August 28, 2019

SkipJunkies][MeatRunners session 4

The bushes are full of undercover narcotic agents, and their pockets are full of pink crystal meth, but we already made some meth so lets go steal organs from an exodimensional "whale". 

Player Characters --- Players
Shiny Bright --- Evlyn
Philomena Burroughs --- Fiona
Stank Wellhams --- Phil
Ted Teddy --- Angus

Events as recalled 2 days later, with the help of very few cogent notes. Mostly my notes are just unlabeled numbers that have lost all meaning.
  • Ted and Stank were pretty hungover and stumbled across some folx one of them has done drugs with before!
  • Those folx were just then failing to lift a pharm tech's store keys, and their names (the folx not the would be victim) were Philomena and Shiny.
  • They decide to hang b/c why not? The pharm tech goes inside with a hate on for our not-heroes.
  • The group decided to cook some meth with which to bribe the pharm tech.
  • Philomena orchestrates the whole affair, and throws together some psuedo Molly for the group too. They do the sorta-X and play with a magnet in the alley
  • At this point I rolled a Narc peddling pink meth on the encounter chart. They saw through his flop-sweating ass, Philomena in particular, and send him along. Wisely the players decide to move along afterward.
  • They went to the park across the street. I rolled Narc again, but rerolled b/c lets keep it interesting... That roll, also Narc. :\
  • I rolled one more time, to deal with the second part of the 10 hours they're waiting for this guy to get off work. Narcs, narcs everywhere. Sort of decided there were 3 different drug task-forces performing buyer stings out of this park today. Shiny dances with the ducks or maybe just dances at the ducks.
  • Philomena realized they'd already been mostly paid for this robbing job via the chem-mag laser pistols so she and Shiny talked Ted and Stank into meatrunning! (I wasn't very pre
  • They met Jack Jackson at try-hard "quirky boutique" coffee shop, near the business district. He now worked for Infinimeat corp., a very well known panstellar company. 
  • He offered them similar terms, 1 million Standards for minimum of 1 organ. 500k for each additional organ. Nothing for nothing. Quickly agreed.
  • They hop a fully automated bus, and the turnstile, headed for the same office building downtown.
  • Once in welcome city, Philomena buys Ted a shirt that says, EAT ASS before they run on down to the office.
  • Same blonde, dickish guy, but with puffier and redder eyes than before, met them at the otherwise empty office. They all got outfitted in Armor and w/ 1,000 round, First Blood (tm) Assault Rifles. 

  • Long ride up the massive space elevator. Long drone piloted ride to some point out in space. Quick explosion as high pressure blood foamed and froze, expanding into empty space before the fleshcraft was fired at 1.5 Gs into the portal wound.
  • Shiny quickly got control of the boat as it briefly careened through the blood vessel, but missed the anchor spot by a few hundred meters. That made for a longer walk through the slick, pink, bulbous fleshscape.
  • Philomena passes out in a slightly alarming fashion b/c Fiona needed to go.
  • Everyone just left her there in the boat and went on the run. As advertised, long, wet, slick, climb+walk to get to the downed narcwhal. 
  • They carefully stepped into the things mouth, through the previously inserted jawjacks. The mouth-floor was made from several layers of a very elastic and fleshy mesh. They pole-sawed through the epiglottic flap to explore the trachea hall. Nobody wanted to deal with the stomach acid-bile shit in the colon hall, beyond the 3/4 open sphincter.

  • There were weird little knob things on stalks sticking out on the middle of the intersection. The junkies avoided these, which was good. Touch those, having been sensory organs, would have alerted every still-functioning macro-immune-responses to the PC's presence.
  • The PCs then immediately shot their way through the murder-flap* hall, thus alerting all remaining macro-immune responses to the PC's presence. However, they scored an Organ!
  • Went down the other trachea hall to a lungs room. The room started breathing and 3 Scoopheads fell out when Shiny took the polesaw from Stank (Phil was having connectivity issues) to pull on a ceiling flap.
  • Shiny fell, but they still murdered the scoopheads pretty handily: Ted spit some lead and Shiny absolutely murdered with that sweet sweet glitter-sword.
  • They decided to saw through a softspot in the wall in the hall. They then noped the fuck away when a giant parasite, anchored right beside their new hole, twists around so as to eat them.
  • 8 Scoopheads immediately crawled out from the stretchy flesh-mesh holes when the team got back to the mouth. Fortunately the PCs had guns and used them to clear a path. 
  • They handily avoided an ambush of white-bloodcell monsters right outside.
  • They were, however, already looking at 30ish of the bastards out in the bulbous fields of collagen and lipids and cartilage and what-have-you.
  • They ran and avoided a surprising number of attacks. Well Stank didn't. Shiny tried to help scrape the whitebloodcellmonsters(tm) off of him, but it turned into a 2 steps forward, 1 step back situation.
  • Shiny bailed. Ted already had bailed. Philomena was still laid up in the boat, snoring.
  • Shiny boldly piloted the flesh-boat, pushing the anchor closer to Stank, giving him a chance to avoid me rolling on the Immune Response generator again, and probably killing him. It worked!
  • Shiny Throws the switch as soon as the anchor door closed. The switch kicks the jump rocket, pushing the boat through the portal-wound the pneumatic claws and a fuckload energy just made.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

SkipJunkies][MeatRunners: Session 3 recap, finally

"I just got involved in politics," she announced after being gifted 2 BAGs* of llello while already hi af on MDMA.

Character --- Player
Philomena Burroughs --- Fiona
Shiny Bright --- Evlyn

by Evlyn, I love her work so much. :]

events, chronologically arranged, season to taste
  • Philomena and Shiny both get paid!! 
    Chips only hold up to 10k Standards,
    but aren't legally attached to your citizen/resident/visitor ID #

  • Hongkek gets held up as no one, including Exodock Security, expected him to be there.
  • Shiny Bright gets out first and immediately goes to buy a short sword. She wisely chooses a vaguely katana looking sword, in titanium carbo-nitride grey, with a GLOSSY GLITTER ENAMEL. It's in the touristy part of town, and I've personally found so many places to buy swords in the touristy parts of so many towns.
  • Philomena and Shiny head to a slightly off the beaten path bar, to score some drugs.
  • Shiny scores some Molly while Philomena fills out an online recruiter evaluation on her pay card. She uses this as an opportunity to lay down the groundwork to blackmail Jack Jackson.
  • Then Philomena buys some Molly, and does the Molly that she bought. 
  • Then Philomena steals some Molly from the dealer.
  • P & S then bounce to find a club with prettier people. All boring business boys and half-lost tourists.
  • The take a bus outta the Welcome City district, heading towards the GRaTS. Maybe they're also gonna check out that ℞ob Job from the note. You guys remember the note, right?
  • I rolled 3 "upset people" on the random encounter chart, and sedition is always on my mind; therefore, 3 folx were getting pretty angrily pumped for a forthcoming protest at the back of the bus.

  • Everyone is your friend on E so P & S go chat 'em up. After a few minutes, they put up their protest stuff and pass around some twacked jays. It's a nice chill time...
  • Until 3 lame straightxxxedge fuckers get on the bus. They talk some uncreative and obnoxious shit, and disturbingly mention something about a "convention" in town.
  • P & S confront them to prove once and for all, Drug Culture is superior to T totaling Bullshit.
  • P gets clocked on the dome, but StraightxxxEdge fuck #1 fails so spectacularly at fighting as to slip and KO himself.
  • losers bounce as soon as possible
  • before P & S leave, the cool kids in the back of the bus gift them some cocaine
  • they go check out the rob job address, leaving open the possibility of just robbing this place instead
  • a skinny, huggy spiritual hippyish woman answers the door, Tambry Allens
  • she lost her job, and therefor health insurance. the meds she needs monthly are 12 million Standards. 
  • that's the job. here are 2 laser pistols she got from the uncle she never wanted to see again. please steal her ℞, and whatever else in there is yours.
  • Shiny drinks all the lady's wine after she goes to bed
  • they try to lift the store keys when the door opens with a "woops, I dropped my groceries" ruse the next moring
  • the streetwise pharmtech catches them handily

  • fin

  • they get to level 2!! almost level 3! I have revamped the XP values now!!!

*BAGs are an abstraction to make shit easier. 1 BAG represents the smallest amount of a substance a hardcore user would consider "worthwhile".

ALSO: I just released another instalment of my Stark Naked Neo Savages and Sanguine City States digital zine thing!!! #4!!!

33 pages, full color, hyperlinked, and all that.

Sex toys on treasure charts?

2 different dangerous shit covered nests?

Robot Nephews?

Trailerpark dungeon?

Lycra-clad desert warriors with floating giant nematodes?

All the good stuff! 

it's pwyw but if you can spare a little, I might be able to make moar weird-sad stuff moar often

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Revenant for Broken Wilds

arise as the violence
that unmade her
settles as rage
into an unbeating heart
rise and find,

In Broken Wilds, Unmourned dead and those buried without ceremony have a 1/10 chance to rise up as the undead.

Revenants are angry souls that died in violence, and now inhabit their own corpses.

They arise 7 time units after death.
Roll 1d6 to determine the time unit, how the Revenant behaves,

1][ Hours] [could pass for living, still exhibits old habits: drinking, concern for loved ones, smoking, idiosyncratic gestures, nervous ticks, whistle familiar tunes, try to stay out of foul weather, etc. Will succumb to rage in 1d6 days.]

2-4][Days] [pretty gross looking and smelling, has love for and dim memory of dearest loved ones. However, the rage will take over soon, in 2d6 hours, in fact]*

5][Months] [gross, has only murder on their rotten minds]

6][Years] [skeletal, savage joy in dealing death and destruction]

Revenant Factoids

  • Revenants unerringly know their murderer's location.
  • Revenants are powered by vengeance alone. It's very green, really.
  • Revenants who slay their killer/s return to restful death.
  • A revenant who's murderer has died by any other cause devolves into a voiceless monster, expressing naught but mute and sudden violence.
  • 3HD, +1 to Hit, 1d4+2 or 1d6+2 w/ weapon, Movement is steady... relentless. Special: Hardness of the Grave, attacks doing 2 or less damage do not affect the rage corpse. 
  • +d3 Strength, -d3 Grace, -1 Wits, +2 Weird.

*Thus all the stories of dead sailors tapping on their child's or wife's window days after dying, to whisper I love you one last time. Their killer's corpse, of course, washes ashore with the morning tide.