Wednesday, July 10, 2019

SkipJunkies][MeatRunners #2

"Inconvenient Origami and Dangerous Bouncy Castles"

Philomena Burroughs played by Fiona

Shiny Bright played by Evlyn

Hongkek played by Richie

Map of the dead Sidejaw Narcwhal they Ran through.

  • Wake up in alley on Entrada behind a different Daygo, note in Shiny’s pocket, in somebody else’s handwritting.
  • 1. Skip, 2. Meat, 3. Rob... Robin Hood
  • They pick Meat and head to the provided address, the Bucket o’ Blood, a cheesey, try-hard metal club.
  • There's a greasy guy in the corner table, that doesn’t fit in w/ his lime green blazer, khakis, and lack of shirt.
  • Introduces as self as Jack Jackson, and the jonesing transients accept offer before knowing the payout. 1 million Standards each, 1 organ minimum for payout. Bonuses available!
  • Make it to the offices of Nova Biological Ltd. There they both qualify for Assault Rifles and Philomena licked coke snot off the floor.
  • While in the Waiting Room riding up the big damn space elevator, Philomena makes origami with Smart Sheet(tm) periodicals. This of course permanently ruins the displays in interesting ways, costing Nova Bio. Ltd ~22.5 K Standards.
  • Long ride in drone shuttle, then the ball with a dunce cap shaped fleshcraft is fired into the explosive portal wound.
  • Since the craft flipped backwards anyway, Shiny just rolls with it and does a fabulous job pilotin’ down the bloodstream.
  • They find a guy in the exact same armor as them, except baby-blue instead of black, unconscious in front of the smallish Narcwhal they’re to raid.
  • This is Hongkek. Quickly it’s decided he should help with the Run. (It’s weird though, he shot into the infinimeat with a large team in a Mormon Church controlled space station. That station should be dozens of parsecs away from Entrada, at the very least...)
  • Once inside, Shiny Bright tries to sneak by a terrible, tumorous Liver-Monster. She’s not the best at that and gets grabbed by one of the thing’s fibrous keratin-mucilage sticky whips.
  • It doesn’t take long for both Hongkek and Shiny to be stuck and slammed repeatedly into the trachea walls, studded with coral-like bony growths. Shiny tries to saw her way free with her big ol’ titanium knife.
  • Eventually enough led is pumped into the thing it pops like a cantankerous zit.
  • They nope away from the area studded with creepy Crystal Virus things.
  • There’s some talk about using the corpse of the liver-thing as a bridge to score probable Organs on the other side of a huge pool of Aqua Regia (a super strong acid).
  • Instead they circle back to a sphincter at end of the left intestine-like hall. Spend some time to cut through it.
  • Hongkek goes into the flesh-room first and gets tripped up by the floor-flesh. It seems to be trying to bounce him towards some teeth surrounding a flesh-mesh membrane.
  • He gets pulled back. Then Philomena and Shiny wind up in there instead. Philomena, while carrying a fully extended pole saw.
  • Benny Hill music plays in my head.
  • Eventually, Shiny cuts her way through the mesh-membrane and falls into the (flesh-)pit underneath it.
  • THERE’s an ORGAN there.
  • The room stops once it’s cut from the flesh-pedestal.
  • Almost out of time in real-life so they decide to head back having minimally fulfilled their contractual obligations.
  • That’s a good choice because they were ~5 minutes from the first of wave of the Infinimeat's Innate Immune Response.
  • So ~20 minutes away from certain death.
  • FLESH!

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