Friday, April 26, 2019


If I ever run mechs, (link) this is the system.
Fuck I like it so much. The ratio of abstraction to specificity is juuuust right.

This is the setting:
<[{Disclaimer - I've never watched any like mecha anime or shows or whatever. Though I played mechwarrior... 2 maybe, on my computer as a kid a bunch. Mostly just in the mission simulator in an expansion cuz you could be whatever mech you wanted.}]>

GLITTER-BOTS: Melancholy and Explosions

Above, all is lost, eroded, photodegraded, destroyed. The raw grit, sand, and stones of continents bake beneath an unforgiving sun. Rivers and seas are choked in reflective microplastics. Most life on the planet gave up the ghost eons ago. Still though, some few specs of humanity cling to the baren surface.

Below, there still lie many, many, many technological artifacts from the Before. Above, there remains perpetual WAR!

Few things:
·So many of those artifacts are big fighting robots you ride inside.
·Melodramatic tendencies have been sexually selected for due to societal pressures, driven primarily by sexual selection. It's a feedback loop that's been going on for a long time, the beginning of which is unknowable.
·Literal glitter clogging the rivers.
·What does live is painfully dayglo, vibrant and strong.
·All the player characters have a mech-fight-suit, robo-war-machine, or other big vehicle.
·Most villages are arranged fort-like, and 4-10 big fucking robots. This is because of frequent raids from random warbands and enemy villages.
- Hiding is considered despicable. Announce yourself brightly, shine forth in glittering bravery.
- Almost everyone respects the right of a defeated soul to spill forth a fabulous death soliloquy.

  1. BubbleGlam Walkers
  2. BriteFite Neon RoboWarrior
  3. TubbyTurtleTrax Armored Personnel Carrier
  4. CandyCricket 6 Leg Hopper
  5. Dolphin Dazzle-Jammer
  6. RollyPolly w/ Lil Buddy

Fucking GlitterBots, can hold 1 pilot comfortably unless otherwise noted.
PCs begin with 1 Bot and 1 Aux or Main System.

BubbleGlam Walker
Armour 2, STR 16, DEX 14.
4 Power, 1 Main, 2 Aux (GUN or MISSILE only).
Integrated System/s
Replump System - 4 Power - Blast of Polymer Resins and Superheated Air plumps out dents and mends tears for 1d6 STR healin’.

BriteFite Neon RoboWarrior
Armour 2, STR 19, DEX 9.
5 Power, 2 Main, 2 Aux.
Integrated System/s
Kinetic Lazer Melee Weapon - 0 Power - d12+1
OP: +1d8 OR 1d8 Blast

TubbyTurtleTrax Armored Personnel Carrier
Armour 4, STR 20, DEX 6.
3 Power, 2 Aux.
Integrated System/s
Ramming Nose - 0 Power - 1d10 (must Move in same round)
OP: +1d4
Special, Must be stopped to fire Aux Weapons. Aux slots only on either side of fixed stairs. Holds 12 heavily armed folks comfortably, plus an entire Pilot!

CandyCricket Hoppity ‘Bot
Armour 2, STR 12, DEX 18.
4 Power, 1 Main, 2 Aux.
Integrated System/s
Hyper Hop - 4 Power - Can instantly jump out of or back into the general fighting arena.

SkyDolphin Dazzle-Jammer
Armour 1, STR 13, DEX 18.
4 Power, 2 Aux.
Integrated System/s
Dazzle Jam - 4 Power - Target (robots only) is stunned 1 round, may only Move. For 1d4 further rounds -1 penalty to saves and damage as sensor systems continue to erratically fail.
Special, vehicle can dive to 2000’ below the glittery waves as well as fly or hover up to 1000’ into the mostly green sky.

RollyPolly w/ Lil Buddy
Armour 3, STR 16, DEX 13.
3 Power, 1 Main.
Integrated System/s
Little Buddy - 2 Power - Power only necessary to deploy buddy-drone. 1 Power to recall buddy.
Drone, STR 12, 13 DEX. 2 Power. 1 Power 1d6 Buddy Blast. OP +1 Damage. Fly or Hover within 1200’ of RollyPolly.
Roll Up - 3 Power - For 1d3 +1 rounds the Rolly Polly balls up and projects a force shield. Cannot move, but would roll down hills, etc. Little Buddy must be deployed and may still attack.

Some Systems:

SuperViolet Pepper Box Pulse Lazer (Main)
OP 2: Pilot must pass DEX save or be blinded for d4 rounds.

Pizazz Twin MISSILE Platform (Main)
d12+d4, +d8 vs soft targets.
OP: Fire both at once. These missiles take 2 weeks and access to a big ol’ scrapyard and tools to replace.

Nonreal MISSILE Launcher (Main)
d3 Damage, ignores armour.
OP: +d3 Damage, stackable.

Grapple CANNON (Main)
Strong enough to lift the Bot itself.
OP: Deft enough to grab but not harm soft targets.

Boost Zap (Aux)
One use per battle. Add 2 Power for 1 round.

Glow Shield (Aux)
1 Armour.
OP: 2 Armour

Pain Ray GUN (Aux)
Bypass Armour, 2 damage to Pilot or other soft target. Will not deal STR damage.
OP: Pilot must pass WIL save or be stunned for 1 round.

FuschiaFlash Particle GUN (Aux)
OP: +d4

Scatter Shot Mag GUN (Aux)
d6, can hit 2 adjacent targets.
OP: +d4, unusable for # rounds equal to total damage, stackable.

Puce PseudoPlasma Glob Launcher (Main)
d8, d4 next round.
OP: 1d4 DEX damage.

Selective Magnetic Net MISSILE (Aux)
Target must DEX save or get tangled in the net. Soft targets take d8 damage. Reusable.

AI Assisted Targeting System (Aux)
+1 Damage.

AntiPsuedo Electron GUN (Aux)
d6 Bots only
OP: STR save or lose 1 Power until repairs are made.

Electric Mucilage GUN (Aux)
d4, DEX save or act last next round.
OP: +1 damage.

Shiny Energy Spikes (Aux)
Melee attacks against the bot, deal 1 damage to the attacker.
OP: +1 damage, stackable.

Nano Singularity MISSILE (Aux)
OP: Nearby objects (including bots) are slammed towards the target. DEX save to avoid. These missiles require 1 month and access to a scrapyard to replace.


(Extremely territorial and migratory. Gross creeps chop prey into lil bits, open nictitating membrane, toss bits into gross eye-mouth.)
Armour 1, HP 10, 2D4 Ragged Claws, STR 13, DEX 11, WIL 7. Does not count as Soft Target.

HP 25, d10 Bite, STR 15, DEX 19, WIL 17. Does not count as Soft Target.

Special: After doing critical damage, can spit Indigo Plasma Orb, d12.

(Sneaky Cowards in Camo Powered Armor)
Armour 1. HP 15, d8 Ion Blast STR 14, DEX 10, WIL 11-13. Does not count as Soft Target.
Out of Armor 3 HP. Leader has Aux slot.


make up some botz and getz dramatic, y'alls!!