Friday, November 2, 2018

Coming at Some Point from Violent Media

“The sun under cosmic impetus rolls in orbit around the great protrusion of the world. So too does a ball of dung circle an ant hill, beneath the impetus of the lowly scarab. Cosmic secrets repeat across nature. Echoing spirals and circular orbits reiterate the grand works of existence.

“In the ignoble beetle is contained all of existence. Study. Understand. Observe. Comprehend.

“Allow the cosmos into you. The beetle becomes one with your flesh. So does the sun. So too does the impetus of all things.”
- Excerpt from a Heathen Grimoire

“As the holy war against the dry kingdoms was waged, praise God-most-Censorious, an order of fighting friars became entranced with the heretics’ natural philosophy.

“They took the lowly, crawling beetle as their symbol. With it, Delanore did fall.

“But so too did the Friars of Coleoptera, heathens now, one and all. Forsworn are they against the Eye of God. Show such sorcerous filth no mercy.

“This is the duty of all God’s wards.”
- From Bishop Tomlin’s “Prescriptive Histories”

Since an Inquisitor first scrawled the word “Heathen” in scarlet across a Coleopteric tome, “Heathen” has been writ on the title pages of the Friars’ Grimoires. Whether personally penned by hand or secretly printed upon the Far shore, all texts describing Coleopteric meditations share a single name.


A bit about SCARABS:

Each and every scarab is hatched alone into a dark world of perfect sustenance, carefully selected by a mother they will never know. When grown and metamorphed, they then emerge from her buried ball of dung into the shining world.

They are made for shaping sustenance, and digging unto the earth. On each front leg are four truncated rays. Upon their armored heads, six more rays are found.

(Fourteen is a sacred number and shibboleth amongst the scattered Heretics.)

They dig into the earth, carve dung into balls, and bring the sun (the dung) below.

After the fullness of mating, she will find particularly fine food for her egg and bury it with solicitous consideration.

Then, Each and Every are hatched alone unto a dark world of perfect sustenance, carefully selected…

Scarab Grimoire
“The moon is the sun, the sun is a ball of dung, a ball of dung is the grass. Your corpse will become soil. Soil shifts into the grass. You have always been the sun, the moon, the thorn and fruit.

“This is the first lesson, the necessary lesson. Separation is a lie. (So too then is logic, but that lie is quite useful to the seeming world we see.)”

Scarab tomes requires 48 minus INT hours of intense study to Understand.
As well as 48 minus WIS hours of Watching Scarab Beetles in the wild to Comprehend.

Once one has Comprehended, an Aspirant need only let the Beetle within them.

A female Scarab soon to lay her eggs must be found and coaxed into the Aspirant’s palm.

“Look at Her. Know Her; know Yourself. Submit to Her ‘Your’ right to live.”

“If she accepts you, she will present her ovipositor.

“Open then your skin for her. Therein shall she lay her egg.

“Only then will you Comprehend, actively.”

1d6 Active Comprehensions of the Scarab Subset

One – Stone and mortar are no more than wind and dust. With intense non-concentration, very literal outward dissolvent meditation really, the Aspirant can ignore solid barriers. Requires 1d6 minutes of focus and a successful WIS check to begin. And another WIS check for each additional foot beyond the first. Failure at that point is death. Cosmically irrevocable and all that.

Two – The center of infinity is everywhere. Instantaneously switch places with another object of roughly similar volume within sight. Requires successful INT check. 1% cumulative chance to fuck it up and fuse equidistance between two points, resets each day. Fuck up causes 1d20 damage.

Three – Am become as the sun. Aspirant may shine with the intensity of a bright bonfire, the sullen glow of dying yellow coals, or anywhere in between. Requires CHA check to continue shining longer than a single 30 minute stint each day. Each noncontiguous use requires another CHA check.

Four – We are one; we are connected. With a successful INT check, melee damage done to the Aspirant can be reversed to the attacker. No more than one attack in a combat round. Requires at least a heartbeat’s foreknowledge of the attack.

Five – It is undifferent wherefrom the impetus comes or goes. One hour of Meditation and a succesful INT check function as 1 day’s ration. One hour of Meditation and a CHA check can remove an entire day’s worth of nutrition from any being meeting these two requirements: within 1 mile of Aspirant AND has been physically touched by the Aspirant.