Monday, October 22, 2018

from the bones of buried children it grew

there are no stronger poisons than The Mother's Tears, none more costly
a single stamen can kill a healthsome lad with a feather touch or poison a well for a day and a year
it's petal can fell ten herds of oxen or ruin 40 acres of fruitfulness  77 years
its stem can kill a dragon,
its roots can slay a god

to bring forth the pestilent plant:
inscribe the sigils into your flesh and in a fortnight find a family bereaved of twins, and buy from them, the children's bones for any price they ask. (this wish the spell will grant, most painfully from your flesh. pray they do not wish you dead.)
the bones will compress into a bright white seed, when planted with the wizard's right thumb (severed) the flower will grow in 3d20 hours

only the wizard and grieving mother are to the fatal flower immune

Monday, October 15, 2018

known realms of Feywode part I: the Glass Lands

in the Glass Lands the All Color Serpent does dwell
past a smoke glass forest, on edge of the shattered wastes, there stands Mt. Confusion. 

within that looming tumble of huge unclouded quartz pillars winds some several caves, an enormous cavern therein, the omnicolored dragon Iyacktikchik lairs.
there with spy glasses magnificent, the great beast surveys his terrain

also in this land there spreads a circus glass gladed park wherein all things sing pastoral and tinkling calls the ornamental lark, in opalescent orange //\ bends and winks all light within || mesmerizing, hypnotic, gleaming, glossy ... save or succumb  and be slowed and dim: have only one action every 2 rounds, movement quartered, -1 on actions. saving leaves one permanently immune. call for save 1d4×10 minutes after entering
the Muave Wizard may then at leisure procure particular objects from other worlds and complete his greatest work: the Atlas of Forms
glass foxes swift and crystal squirrels clever as catpaws collect MANY items in hopes to please their creator ... 1 in 10 or less of the haul helps the Muave Wizard perhaps || so in oversized fox holes and bulging squirrel nests many odd and valuable things hide
also too pottery goblins press in from the earthenware pastures West
and many many more folk, creatures, and things dwell in these Glass Lands besides