Friday, September 28, 2018


  • 4’ diameter, 3+4 HD, AC as Chain, 11 Paralysis Glance attacks, Hovers. Special: Dense grey rubbery flesh (even the eyes) ½ damage from Bludgeoning, Slashing, and Fire attacks. Slashing or Piercing weapons that do max damage are irretrievably stuck.
  • Flesh tube tangle will not release unless it close to being severed, 30hp.
  • Each eye-stalk has 8hp.
  • Central eye has 12hp.
  • Destroyed eyes cannot see.
art by Dyson Logos, inspirado for sure

The Still-Watching Beasts, aka Lookyloos, aka “oh fuck run, some kinda eye monsters!”, stumble about in places best forgot.
The orbish creeps enjoy to observe very old and very still objects. Maybe.
Who the fuck knows what they actually want?
No one.
They might not want anything. They may not be capable of want, nor any analogous alien sensation.
The things do haunt old places. There, perhaps, they once had a meaning beyond bumbling terror.
They have no lair and tend to float about under a distracted haze within certain ruins. Pausing infrequently to deeply regard this or that particular bit of rubble, all 11 eyes focus in sync. It holds then as still as its victims. Sometimes for hours.
Upon being seen by a Lookyloo, living beings capable of motion are held perfectly still --even midair or in other poses impossible for more than a moment. This lasts so long as the Lookyloo regards the victim.
After 27.9 seconds, it’s shining golden beak snaps brightly open.
During combat, most of them hover in place and lazily rotate or trace bent figure eights in rocking movement. It’s only defense is it’s eyes. Up to 11 creatures can be held. Up to 11 can be peep-attacked at once. Save vs Paralysis to avoid if the victim is aware of the creature's power.
Anyway, not quite 30 seconds later, the Still-Watching Beast rapidly vomits up a tangle of dayglo-rainbow fleshy tubes. The tubes thrash about and attach like supremely powerful flesh magnets to the initial victim. Attached flesh tubes then automatically deal 1 damage at the beginning and end of each round, as pebble sized chunks of the victim evaporate painfully away. It moves then to the second, then to the third to be held, etc.
The things do have very little discernment. Any moving animal that catches it eyes will be treated as described above. It does not need light to see nor can bright light blind it. Opacity and reflectivity still apply to however the things have vision.
You could hide behind a pillar. A Lookyloo would likely believe anything reflected by a mirror to be the genuine article. Almost no discernment, y'all.
Fortunately for graverobbing scumbags, unless a party is surprised by a Lookyloo, they will notice the creature long before it notices them.
What the PCs have heard about Still-Watching Beasts:
They have lots of eyes, their gaze freezes folks in place, and [roll d4].
1. They only haunt places fat in forgotten gold. (False.)
2. Laughter keeps them away. (True, but only genuine laughter.)
3. They eat the memories of worked stone. (False.)