Saturday, May 19, 2018

Vengtenk, Dertective

So your name is Vengtenk, which don't make sense, but that doesn't really matter. See you're a pile of sweaty garbage in a filthy overcoat. You work as a P.I.

Your office is just a room with a corner marked off in chipboard. Behind that, a rusty shower and a toilet. You're drunk, and the toilet’s on fire.

Anyway, this game is meant to be played on social media in like a single thread or whatever. Everyone plays Vengtenk. After the GM asks for action, first commenter gets to does their thing.

If there's some question about the success of doing the thing, roll a Fudge die. [+] means it goes well. [-] it goes bad. [  ] and it goes the way you'd expect.

Vengtenk had 90 lives because he ate 10 cats on a dare. He's got 3 left. [-] on a dangerous thing means death.

Someone is trying to kill him. He doesn't remember why. Play until y’all figure it out… or until Vengtenk dies. Probably that.

GM, steal a plot from a cop show if you need to.