Thursday, March 29, 2018

Malfunctioning Machine

From another time, perhaps another world, you were made. You know this, but you do not, cannot remember.

You have no nerves, simply sensors. Damage is noted, not felt. You rust, or rather, tarnish. White dust sifts like snow from joints long unused to movement.

This would be fine sans self-awareness.

Even then it might be okay... without the tantalizing memory of fulfillment dancing electric across microcircuits.

From danger, or any intense and immediate need, comes the closest pass to electric sensation.

Entropy is winning as always.

You are strong but deteriorating. You are a static value slowly failing. You will cease to function.

No one can repair you. The circuits will break, you hope. If only the gears and pistons fail, this chassis shall be your prison.

Game Stuff:

Ennui Robot, a class for like LotFP and B/Xish shit like that.

Each EnnuiBot is a unique configuration, though all will have 2 recognizable arms and at 2 recognizable legs. They weigh between 400-600 lbs. and stand between 4-7 ft. tall. Beyond that, go fucking nuts.

The mysteries of EnnuiBot power-supplies require at least 4 hours of nonfunctional downtime. This can be overridden by the unit. However the next night-cycle will require 8 hours, and will automatically engage.

Robots don’t need air, food, or water, and are immune to sleep spells and biological toxins. They take 2x damage from electrical attacks.

Ennui Robots are considered to be 5HD creatures whenever that would matter. However, they begin play with 80 hitpoints (CON Mod still applies but only at level 1).

They do not heal. They cannot gain more HP. Mend does not help them. No one can fix them.

EnnuiBots will, of course, lose HP in the usual fashions.

Beyond that, all saves are 16 and drop by 1 every even level. +1 BAB. +2 STR or STR Mod is 1 higher than indicated. AC as Leather, unless otherwise indicated. Advance as Dwarf.

At character creation, players may choose to forgo 10 hp, and in exchange roll on the special Robot Biz chart. No more than 30 HP can be expended thusly.

1d10 Robot Biz
  1. Ray Gun - 1d10 ray gun, +1 to hit due to integrated targeting systems. 10 minute recharge between shots. Player decides where weapon is mounted.
  2. Tripod Leg Arrangement - Gyroscopically controlled balance, plus 3 legs, plus excessive weight make these units very difficult to knock over. +5 to any saves to prevent slipping, tripping, etc. Unit only needs 2 legs to function; however, save bonus is reduced to +2.
  3. Tool Arm - 1 robo-hand is replaced by a tool. Roll d4.
    1. Industrial Drill, 6 inches. 1d4+1 damage. Can Drill through, for example, ferrous alloys and soft stones.
    2. Titanium-alloy Pick-axe. 1d8 damage. Capable of tunneling through stone.
    3. Interchanging mini-tool set. Imagine a retro-future Dremel tool. This is that. (d3+1 if the player insists on punching with it. On an attack roll of 1, the hand is ruined.)
    4. Hypersonic Pest Repulsion Device. Uses soundwaves outside human hearing to repel pests in a 30’ radius. Insect setting repels insects and most arachnids. Small pests keeps snakes, rats, and the like at bay. Large pests keeps most Hare to Nutria sized animals away. Using a higher setting does 1 point of damage per minute to smaller animals. The large pest setting, with a successful melee attack, can cause a man sized creature extreme intestinal distress. (Save or be stunned for 1d4 rnds.) Use beyond 10 minutes in a day, adds 1 hour to the EnnuiBot’s for each 10 min. increment.
  4. Electro-Parasitic Symbiotes -  Glowing, semicorporeal lines twist into something resembling a leech built out of electricity. Not original to the unit, these creatures sustain themselves from an EnnuiBot’s power-supply. In exchange the E-PSs actively try to protect their unit. The Symbiotes interpose themselves between their unit and incoming threats. Not quite here, not quite somewhere else, the E-SPs cannot be harmed, but act as sort of a kinetic dampener. This improves the units’ AC by 3, but the unit’s night-cycle requirements are increased by 2 hours.
  5. Extra arm - Simple, an extra arm to hold a shield or a wriggling captured goblin or what-have-you.
  6. Approved for Heavy Construction Assistance - Additional +2 to STR or STR mod is 1 higher. 3/6 Architecture skill (or system equiv.).
  7. Deep Wilderness Assistance ROM and Hardware - 3/6 Survival (or system equiv.). EM Shielded Internal Compass and highly accurate Pedometer yield 5/6 Navigation (or system equiv.).
  8. First Contact Protocol Subsystems with Adjustable Data Set -  6/6 Language (or system equiv.). However, when any new intelligent species are encountered, the unit is compelled to initiate communication. Once marked as HOSTILE, the unit may respond as appropriate.
  9. Odd Antenna - Made from rock crystal, narwal ivory, twisted willow roots, or other similarly NOT robot type materials, and carved with intertwining sigils. Detects unshielded Magic within a 20 ft. radius.  These are EXTREMELY valuable to wizardly types.
  10. Holographic Display Projector - Unit can project an image of any roughly man-sized or smaller object, creature, etc. it has witnessed. With a successful INT check, it can project a ‘believable’ chimera made up of 2-3 distinct objects/creatures.