Sunday, October 9, 2016

Why Goblins?

The New Formed Goblin drinks deep of pointlessness.
In a moment, he will smile.

Goblins do not care in a fashion to which many are secretly jealous.

Their own lives hardly matter. They are 4 year olds mainlining amphetamines and nihilism. 

By extension, nothing but the moment matters to them, nothing but the moment exists for a goblin. 
There is no point in the past or the future; both directions lead to unbeing. 

This allows them to be present in a way no yogi nor guru nor monk ever could.

We would be right to be jealous if they were real.

So in worlds where they are real, imagine how much they would be hated.

Imagine how little they would care, how little they could care.

This is why the goblin laughs when you cut off her brother’s foot. This is why the brother slugs his sister before he bothers to try and bite through your Achilles tendon.

Goblins know the absurd joke of existence. Goblins are the absurd joke of existence.