Friday, June 17, 2016

If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.
---Leviticus 20:13 

I was raised in a household that boycotted Disney in the 90s because, I guess, Disney didn't ban homosexuals from their theme parks...

Many years ago, I realized I was bi.

A few months ago, I wrote a 1 page dungeon contest entry about an attack on a pseudo medieval gay bar. (I did kind of a bad job with it, especially layout wise.)

A few weeks ago, I realized I was trans.

Almost immediately after that, public restrooms became a focus of my anxiety. (That and homemade Trump for president signs.)

A few days ago Pulse, a queer nightclub was attacked. You know about that, though.

I've stared at hate for a long time, from a number of perspectives. I used to be a bad person.

When I was a young teenager, I thought it was morally acceptable to murder abortion providers. I was encouraged in this terrible idea rather than rebuked.

When I say I've looked at hate from a number of perspectives, I mean it, quite terribly, I mean this.

Hate is probably more often your uncle or your neighbor or your pastor than it is somebody with a swastika tattoo or pipebomb.

It's sad, abandoned boys desperate to lash outwards.

It's the town drunk who is quietly happy that someone is a much worse sinner than she.

Anyway, here is a slightly better version of my entry...

Feather's and Flame:

{ a study in intolerance }

Priest Kliner had reached a dead end in his ecclesiastical career. He just didn't  have the political acumen to rise any higher. He knew the One-Father loved him, chose him, but the fools all about could not see.

He prayed for a miracle. Flagellantly, he denounced his terrible hungers. Priest Kliner took to wearing hair shirts and wandering the streets in the small hours of the morning.

There, in some piss-stained alley, behind an apple cart, the One-Father gave him succor. Kliner's hungers turned towards a prostitute. He followed her & found a den of inequity beyond his imagining. Idolatry, buggery, & so much more.

the everyday face of a monster, Pr. Kliner

Adrahna  | forceful, brazen, braggart, ciswoman, dresses as man, master of the smallsword, bisexual.
Heraclest | big, effeminate, soft-spoken, lonely, & gay. Large mop of curled mouse-brown hair.
Cowl  | (Formerly Colleen) lives as a man at a nearby monastery. Studious, quiet, & sincere. Tonsured. He is the sometimes lover of Adrahna.
Dark Heather  | dabbler of the occult, former lover of both Heraclest & Adrahna.  Pansexual ( Supposedly in a relationship with a ghost).
Sereh  | Reputation an even tempered widow & is aprosperous proprietress of several ropewalks. Actually deeply involved sensualist. Willing to try anything.
Horast  | Huge, fat, drunk, one-armed barkeep/owner. Not interested in much beyond the exclusive coin he can pump out of his clientele. (Formerly a black smith . Keeps his old hammer behind the bar.)
Previously Peter | P. P. was an apple thief hanged a century before. Surprisingly, Dark Heather is in fact in a long-term, committed, relationship with a ghost, this ghost. Previously Peter is completely immaterial, except to D. Heather .
(Could be invaluable aid, if anyone believes Heather.)|

Where the Feathered Dandy is Situated... Click the pic to enlarge.


10 Bells - Immediately after Kliner’s sermon, Tam Boisen (Red Faced & Flashy) leads 10 typical & goodly townsmen (torches & clubs) to destroy the Dandy and those within.

Tam Boisen

Five minutes later, Twill Boisen (Red Faced, Drunk, Bulbous Nose) staggers into the fray with 12 ruffians (knives & ropes) looking to lynch and loot.

Twill Boisen

Within 10 minutes 20 Gendarmes arrive (Bec De Corbins & leather jackets). They simply attempt to restore order restored as soon as possible.

(good luck sorting it out, players)

AFTERMATH,  If his honest flock is harmed, Kliner can blame the lax ways of his superiors & profit. If his flock is successful, he can take full credit for their righteousness & profit.

(Kliner knows all of this but will admit such to no one, least of all himself.)

Monday, June 6, 2016

It came green, too close to the beach, but not from the sea.
Much too green, shining, it threw back the sun’s rays with extraneous intensity.
There was/ There is a strange singing there. It arises through reality and not simply the sea.
We have had wine skies ever since. Slowly up it comes.
Many believe that destruction was hidden under its feet.
It moves on a scale difficult to comprehend.
How fast must we seem to it? What blurs are we, beside the wine-skied sea?
Never mind. We are sea spray, scattering light, known only for our interference on sunshine.