Saturday, April 23, 2016

"You may find yourself living in a shotgun shack... you may ask yourself, well how did I get here?"

I recently ran a game! Woo! Alpha testing my philosopher's stone (aka my own super-duper-special Fantasy RPG). 

Working title: "Broken Wilds"

In said game, there was a crazy old candle-maker, a crazy scary aelf, and a crazily vain person. They were to be an already "functioning" "team". There wasn't a dungeon so I couldn't just wake them up hungover inside.

I wanted a beginning to help draw everyone into character and tie them all together. 

So, I did something pretty simple.

I got the Players to Answer a few questions during character generation.

  • 1.a Who in the group do you kind of hate? 1.b Why do you work with them anyway?
  • 2.a Who owes you something in the group? 2.b Why can't they pay it back to you yet?
  • 3.a Who, in the group, do you like the most? 3.b How do you let them know?
  • 4.a Who in the group knows your worst secret? 4.b How did they discover this?

The procedure:

Read the 1.a question. First player to call dibs on that question gets to answer it. Whoever the first player chose in his/her response answers the 1.b question for the first player's character.

Each player may only answer a single #.a question.

Repeat until all players get to answer an #.a question.


Sarah is playing Bee the Handy Jill and Sam is playing Sea the Degenerate Wizard.

Sam wins dibs and declares that Sea sorta hates Bee. Sarah tells Sam Sea owes his life to Bee.

Sarah automatically gets the next question. Obviously Sea has like a lifedebt to Bee and so both players declare that sans the formality of the procedure. 

Alternatively She could have done something weird like a demon blood oath further tying them together. Then he could be all like "we have to kill 4 demons!"

It's worked swimmingly thus far.

Sunday, April 3, 2016


Existential Wizards:

Philosophers, poets, junkies seeing the pearlescent pus of being.

You looked behind the muddied veil of reality: no true forms, no hidden rainbows... only hungry Void.

You weren’t the first. You won’t be the last. You haven’t killed yourself, that’s a start.

Now, go fix the trouble you made.

Characters have 2 important pieces:
NUMBNESS protects from Void. BEAUTY pushes the Void away.

[Roll 1d6 twice for starting Numbness and Beauty.]

[Hitting 0 or 10 = death.]

Otherwise, characters are just folk.

The Enemy:
Void destroys reality in widening gyres.

First pets, then people go missing. Streets fade. Eventually whole cities cease.

A neighborhood dissolves in a year, a city in a decade.

Fight the Emptiness with Art, create or abnegate.

[All works against Void are a gambit. Each character wagers an amount of Beauty.]

[Players roll 1d6 + Wagers . The GM rolls 1d10. Highest wins.]

[If the players roll higher, each adds the amount of their wager to their Beauty. Void in the area goes down a step.]

[If the Void wins, players subtract the wager amount from their Numbness. Void increases.]

[If nothing is wagered for a battle, Numbness goes up by 1, Beauty down by 1]


My submission for the 200 word RPG challenge.

Released under ...


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