Thursday, March 17, 2016

Kobold Work Rhyme

busily busily chew-chew-chewing away
chewing away, we say, we say
chewing away, we say.
Gnaw it near, Bite, Nip, Tear.
Bite, Nip, Tear. Bite, Nip, Tear.

Never enough, but we share, we share,
Never enough but we share.

Bite back Hard! When pushed too far.
Bite back Hard. and Run!

[translator's notes: ]
[I have to the degree possible, in association with a not unfamous poet, attempted to preserve the onomatopoeic and alliterative trappings of the dogmen poetic tradition. Working rhymes such as this are whispered in a musical round. The final line is only sung in the final repetition coinciding with the work's end.

Nearby each note and word may be discerned; however, with any distance it becomes a strange echo. It sounds a bit like heavy breath, shifting stones, and running water. Such sounds are haunting but not unfamiliar in cavernous environments.]