Saturday, January 2, 2016


What does this devil demand? Your pleasure.

How does it work? All actions that are not in immediate avoidance of pain, must be justified by the player. (I would just accept whatever rationalization he/she comes up with… The point is to keep the player thinking about this mistake.)

Why? The demon doesn’t mind being summoned. In fact, you broke a banishment with your exhortive invitation. Mortal pleasure is a hot commodity on both this and the other side. Why wouldn’t a devil want some? If nothing else, it feels good.


What does this angel demand? A pilgrimage to the home of a child with a long suffering disease.
How does it work? The angel asks you to take it to the child’s home. That it may reap the suckling soul, and end the torment all around.

Why? It is an angel of bittersweet relief and genuine condolence. It exists to produce these experiences. The reality is the babe would have lived a dozen more years, many moments of pain surely. Nevertheless, these millions of aches were bought at the expense of thousands of smiles.

How will you know? A minor angel of penitent regret has been following in the other angel’s wake for ages. It appears as an accusatory ghost 1d8 nights later. A dead toddler declaiming pitifully that you had it falsely slain is a hell of thing to witness.


What does this fairy demand? Your voice, but you will only be voiceless for a day.

How does it work? Character can’t talk, duh.

Why? It’s a fucking fairy.

The twist: you don’t get your voice back but a voice back. Specifically that of a:
1} duck,
2} bear,
3} songbird,
4} donkey,
5} burbling brook, or
6} parrot (character restricted to a 10 word vocabulary, must ham it up).


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