Friday, December 11, 2015

Spells from the backburner...

As one of my MANY backburner projects, I've been working on my very own philosopher's stone (aka retroclone aka fantasy heartbreaker).

In it, I've stripped levels off of spells. If a Degenerate Wizard finds a spell, he/she can fucking cast that thing. LotFP taught me that there's no such thing as a too powerful lvl 1 spell. (Really it just reinforced lessons from Rifts in this regard. Lvl 1 Dragons, motherfuckers!)

I've also ripped away almost all direct damaging spells. I like powerful tools for the players, but with some creativity and flavor required. I'm also, because this wasn't a big enough project before, writing almost entirely my own (dramatically named) spells.

Here are a few example starting spells (Starting spells are randomly rolled, from 2 different 1d20 charts):

  • Feylight - Victim begins to phosphoresce in a color of the caster's choice. Feylight is precocious, desperate to be seen. The glow will gladly glide around corners and peak out to beam from thick foliage. Hiding from beings capable of sight is basically impossible. Lasts 1d6 hours. Cannot be dismissed.
  • Sleep of the Dead - Caster may touch up to 1d4 creatures, causing them to sleep as though dead for 1+1d12 hours. They CANNOT be awoken beforehand. Sv. to Negate for the unwilling.
  • Serpent's Tongue - the next lie spoken by character will be believed by any who hear it and fail their saving throw. (A convincing lie may be believed anyway.)
  • Forget -  Causes victim to forget the last 10 minutes. Sv. to forget only last 60 seconds.
  • Assume Lesser Form - wizard (NOT POSSESSIONS) can become a small beast for 1d6 hours, examples: bat, snake, bird. Cannot replicate natural toxins. Can be cast on others. Animal has 2 HP. Sv. negates for the unwilling.
  • Feather's Weight - causes a victim/object and a feather to switch weights, can effect up to 500 lbs. Lasts 1d6 minutes, cannot be dismissed.
  • Entropic Effluvium - causes terrible luck and a foul stench to befall the victim (Automatic Failure of all Saving Throws), additionally any tool or weapon used by the character will break after 1d4 uses. When the victim uses something roll 1d4, each swing of a hammer and each thrust of a spear and each word writ by a quill would count as a use. Clothing rots away within 10 minutes, armor in 30 minutes. Lasts 1d6*10 minutes. Save for 1/2 duration.
  • Unerring Arrow - causes one arrow (or bolt or musket ball or slingstone or javelin or whatever) to definitely strike it's next target. If a hit is rolled, the round does maximum damage. If a natural 20 is rolled, the target is slain.

Here're a couple of examples of spells, that can be cast regardless of level, but must be torn from the dark places of the earth... 

(Keep in mind: Hit-points are really more like don't-get-hit-points, only the last ones really count. Also there are only five levels, and creatures are a max of 6HD. D&D scaled down to the levels I find most fun, pretty much. Implied setting would be mid-colonial Americas, but with magic and dwarfs and shit.)

  • Rend the Wheel Backward - THE FABRIC OF TIME IS ALTERED! All opportunities to receive damage in the past 24 hours, even those avoided, have now dealt damage to the victim of this spell. He/she/it is suddenly covered in a series of contusions and lacerations. The victim is rendered down to 1 hp. Save to negate with a bonus of +1 per HD. If the victim saves, the caster must save or have the same happen to him/her/it.  (Something/one that did not exist for the past 24hrs would essentially be immune to this spell)
  • Madness of Heracles - Sv. or attack all nearby creatures with +1 to hit and +4 damage. Victim MUST attack all creatures within 10 ft., but may decide whether to remain still or move. Lasts 1d10 minutes.

So some of them are a tad powerful, but that's fine. Lvl 1 dragons, yo.


So I've added a tip jar to the blog, in the form a Patreon Campaign.

If you've gotten any worth out of these monsters, wizards, and classes and stuff, please consider donating. Any amount would be greatly appreciated and help to ensure I am able to keep doing this (seeing as this is now one of my few sources of income).