Monday, November 30, 2015

Desert Glass, Hungry Eyes

In the desert, where the red stones stand,
In the too-bright reaches, orange flowing sands.
Unblinking eyes look up, in askance, in hunger
Shining eyes, press against the rain.


“The Sun Sands, she has been growing for a great spell, for certain, for sure. Know this to be true, the desert is hungry, the desert, she hates.”


“Fulgurite, tektite, and other desert glass, that is all; that and the overstimulated eyes of sunblasted natives and blasted fools.”


“I know the truth, my generous friend. I was with a most unfortunate expedition. Old things lay beneath the shifting sands, but you know this, you are wise.

“When you see the flashing light upon the desert sands, it may be a dead man’s knife. It may be forgotten gold. It may be the glass eyes.

“Stay away from them! They hate you, and your wet blood. No matter how valuable crystal may be. Their clarity, my gods, it is like the air! But keep you away, lest your wet blood become ash.”


“Did you know that old aspen groves are all the same tree? Below the sands there lies a great, interlaced matrix of crystalline webbing. Through strange lacework lines, sunlight is drawn far beneath the earth, feeding whatever wretched thing sleeps below.”


“Broke glass. Accident. Big shiny fingers come, up. Smash ‘em. Broke bits cut up me face.”


Game stuff: 
Interfering with the glass eyes (touching, breaking, casting a shadow across one for too long) results in 2d6 8’-14’ long crystalline fingers erupting violently from the sand attacking all nearby moist lifeforms.

AC as Unarmored. Move ½ human rate. Polearm like reach. 2 HD. 1d8 laceration attack (1d4 vs metal armored opponents). ½ of all melee damage done to the fingers is done back to the attacker (sv. to avoid) as glass shards explode in retribution.

If the Desert Eye is still intact, it will laser blast an opponent for 1d20 damage every other round. The eye is easily broken, but fiercely defended by the crystalline fingers.


There are no recorded incidents of a crystalline finger moving more than 1 mile from its eye. There are also no recorded incidents of crystalline fingers leaving their eyes unguarded.

The quality of desert eye glass is unsurpassed. The reported fates of those who would harvest it are contradictory, save in this regard: their ends are violent, horrible, and very, very dry.


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