Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Monster of Existential Despair

The Seeking Unseen

It does not understand. It is not from this place. It blindly gropes for warmth in the dark.

Light does not touch it. The creature cannot see because of this. It is scared, and it is alone in unbearable darkness.

When it senses the soft radiant warmth of a living thing, it reaches out in desperation. Its wet caress is unrelentingly caustic.

If it is struck, the creature hisses forth with a piteous and gurgling cry. Such a doleful scream of absolute abandoned hope, it can wrench tears from adamantine hearts.

The frightened thing will then flee, if possible towards the security of the next nearest soft, warm, and living thing.

The Seeking Unseen does not understand. It cannot understand.

Should enough dust and detritus become stuck to the invisible creature, it will be revealed to be an amorphous thing, vaguely bell-shaped and the size of a small calf. It sends out slow, seeking pseudopods before rapidly flowing into them.

The sad, Seeking Unseen will not cease in its accidental ruin. It is little more than a frightened child; it does not understand.

LotFP Stats:
Armor 12, Move 40′, 3 Hit Dice, Caustic Touch 1d12 damage, Morale 2. Invisible (-6 to hit), though objects touching it remain visible. The creature can eventually fit through any opening of at least 3″ square.