Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

A long time ago I was going to run a game of D&D (2E) with the lady who is now my wife. (Her first game in fact.) She immediately picked up the Monstrous Manual. This of course made her want to play an Elven Cat. I said no because I was only allowing humanoid characters at the time. (I had some bad ideas about character balance and immersion.)

So I made a race-as-class thing for her for Mother's Day.

Click Through To Get the PDF!

(Special thank you to +Brian Wille+Terry Olson, and +Matthew Adams for helping me to spitball some ideas!)

I guess you can look at it, even if you are not a mom.

Click the cat to BECOME the cat.

It was written for my homebrew armor rules; replace the +2 ArmorHP thing with +1 AC. Otherwise it should be good to go.

And an even BIGGER thanks to a splendiferous wife/mom, Sharaya Lockhart!

Peaceout, beansprouts.