Saturday, July 5, 2014

A Definitely Not Award Winning Magical Item

One of my entries for the OSR Superstar Contest:

The Eggs of Creation / Seeds of the Enemy

“The Scrolls of Light speak of these cursed things. The Seeds were the Old Enemy’s greatest weapon. It forged them in the Gray Ages when the forces of Chaos controlled much of the world. These fell Seeds blossom into bloody change, perpetuating disorder…”

“The Eggs, the Eggs, they are stark hard beauty. Inside is a small piece of Creation itself. Breaking them releases Creation to crash again against the Stagnation of the ordered gods. The Eggs are wishes fulfilled. They are the hope of forward motion. They are ruthless, random elegance…”

The Eggs of Creation, also known as Seeds of the Enemy, are found in clutches of 3 or 5.

These small, pearlescent, slightly flattened ovoids seem unassuming enough. They certainly appear to be valuable, but this belies the stunning power held within them. The only clue to an Egg’s unusual nature is that sunlight reflects black on a Seed’s surface. They radiate no magic.

The powers of Law fear the change, violence, and disharmony the Seeds represent.

The powers of Chaos see the Eggs as sacred reminders of the inconstancy of existence.

The Eggs/Seeds cannot be broken by accident. They are harder than adamant until a being intends to break one. With that intention in place, however, the Eggs/Seeds are as fragile as thin crystal.
When one is broken, a single Boon may be asked. This Boon must be spoken aloud in a single non-compound sentence (no conjunctions, semicolons, etc.). Anything may be requested, similar to an Unlimited Wish. When an Egg/Seed is broken, roll 1d6.

1. The Boon Happens as Desired with Mild Repercussions. Something odd but ultimately inconsequential on a large scale happens: E.g., everything within a 1d100 mile radius is now blue [or red or green or yellow]; or perhaps the requester is now part flower (but which part?).

2. The Boon Happens but Reality is Altered - One randomly determined sentient species no longer exists. Those present at the breaking of the Egg/Seed and the gods are the only beings that remember this species. For all others, this race simply never existed. Some gods may be particularly unhappy with this result. Those present at the breaking of the Egg/Seed are not affected. (Alternatively, if this option is rolled more than once, a whole new species may be suddenly born into existence.)

3. The Boon Happens but Reality is Altered - All the gods have their alignment and temperament flipped, but keep their portfolios. (Chaotic to Lawful, Lawful to Chaotic, Neutral to Chaotic or Lawful [choose whichever is most interesting or flip a coin]) Example: Suddenly there is an orderly and benign god of murder and an insanely violent god of justice. Everyone remembers the way things used to be, except for the gods. Angry confusion ensues.

4. The Boon Happens but Reality is Altered - Everyone/thing within 1d100 miles of the requesting character has their biological sex flipped. Non-sexually-dimorphic creatures now have sexes. The requesting character is now biologically nonsexed. Everyone remembers the way things were and few are happy with their new equipment.

5. The Boon Happens but Reality is Altered - Magic is fundamentally different now. Was magic exceedingly rare? Now it is very common. Was magic a gift of the gods? Now it is an innate part of sentient beings and a blasphemous affront to the faithful. As an example: All Clerics now cast Wizard Spells and Wizards now cast Cleric Spells. This is the way it has always been. Spell-casters present at the breaking of the Egg/Seed are unaffected, and only those present remember the way things were.

6. The Boon Happens but Reality is Altered - Nocturnal Creatures all become Diurnal; Diurnal Creatures all become Nocturnal. Eyesight for the creatures changes as appropriate. This is the way it has always been. Only those present at the breaking of the Egg/Seed remember things differently and remain unaffected.

Eggs/Seeds from the same clutch CANNOT undo what is wrought by another Egg/Seed. Those from another clutch may be used to undo both the Boon and Repercussions of an Egg/Seed (but not the Boon or the Repercussions alone).

Ancient verses speak of several clutches hidden throughout the wide breadth of the world. The forces of Law strive to have the Seeds remain forgotten and lost in their dark, forgotten corners. Creatures of Chaos seek to bring the eggs forth again, shining black in the bitter daylight.

Once a Repercussion has occurred, the GM may wish replace that entry in the chart with some other consequence.

You may recognise a version of that chart from another article. If you do then you are paying far more attention than I suspected.