Saturday, June 28, 2014

Longbows are Badass

Mucking about with the Lamentations of the Flame Princess has sort of become my new hobby. While reading the appendix on guns, James mentioned that the training necessary to be an archer was something that LotFP didn't take into account. Additionally the 1d6 damage rating for the longbow had been irking me.

For a typical longbow bow with a 60 lbs. draw 1d6 damage makes total sense. For a Welsh/English longbow or a Mongol Bow with a draw between 100-180 lbs. that makes little sense. Such weapons required a lifetime of training to use. They aren't simply drawn either; an archer must to push into the limbs of the bow with his/her off hand as well as pull back with his/her main hand to bend them. These things will destroy you.

First things first, a new weapon:

Bow, Heavy
Cost 150-200 sp
Damage - 1d8
Range - Short <150'; Medium <600'; Long <1,000'
Special Notes: -2 to hit if unskilled (see below). -2 to hit and damage* with Strength <13.

*Minimum of 1 Damage

And now, the main event:

Heavy Archery, a new Specialist skill.

Unlike every other Specialist skill, this skill begins at 0/6.
Additionally, skill points must be spent on Heavy Archery at character generation if any are ever to be spent on it.
The listed X/6 is the characters BAB with Heavy Bows.
Heavy Archery cannot be improved past 6/6.

So why don't ya go shove an arrow through the skull of an orc or a wyvern or a corrupt senator or something?

Lamentations of the Flame Princess & the LotFP abbreviation are totally © James Edward Raggi IV.