Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Vicious Little Spell

The following is a spell from The Transmographies of Andron Comutus, aka The Tome of the Fleshsmith. A true polymath, Andron proved to be an especially gifted student of anatomy, mathematics, cosmology, and wizardry. He carefully honed all these interests into a powerful and unique type of magic, called Fleshcrafting by those who feared his unequalled skills and total lack of conscience.

(Another spell of his devising, also contained within the Transmographies.)

Level: 2
Type of Magic : Fleshcrafting, Necromancy, Alteration
Duration: Instantaneous / Special (See Below).
Saving Throw: ½ Damage. Negates -1 Penalty.
Reversible: No.
Required Components : Verbal, Somatic, and Emotional (See Below).

Incredibly painful wounds suddenly burst open all over the victim’s body causing 2d6 damage. 

Additionally, the victim has a penalty of -1 on all actions until he/she has healed 1 hit-point worth of damage.

The spell is fueled, in part, by the emotional state of the caster. It absolutely requires the caster to be in a Fight or Flight state of mind. This adrenaline-fueled state will be increased in the caster as the spell is released. His/her heart rate will speed up, and he/she will have trouble focusing for a few moments post-casting. At the same time, the adrenal response (and it's pain deadening effects) will be somewhat suppressed in the victim. (At the DM's discretion, hitting a berserk character with this spell could force the warrior out of his/her berserk state on a failed saving throw.)

While Andron Comutus certainly understood what was happening, most wizards (and the notes in their spellbooks) misinterpret these effects and assume that rage somehow fuels the spell. Thier misinterpretation doesn't affect the actual casting of the spell at all. Rage and adrenaline are old friends. 

The adrenaline spike associated with casting this spell can be addicting to certain personality types. 

Thankfully, like all of Comutus's spells, this one is somewhat of a rare find. He only took on two apprentices during his centuries long life, and kept neither very long. His personal spellbooks and his legendary masterwork, The Transmographies, have yet to be recovered.