Sunday, May 25, 2014

I Got a Fever... and It Totally Sucks

Lesion Caused by
Viridian Wasting Fever
Simple, untested way to model disease in OSR type games

After initial save vs poison or CON check is failed (or spell/curse begins) the disease is aquired.
  • Diseases typically last for 3d6 days for Serious Diseases and 3d4 for Minor Diseases. 
  • Diseases attack the character's Constitution, draining 1 point of CON each day. 
  • A character under complete bed rest may make a sv vs poison (or CON check depending on how you roll) to avoid this Constitution damage. Performing any action beyond moving <10 meters daily negates this save/check.
  • For every 2 points of CON damage a character suffers he/she will be cumulatively -1 on all actions. (For X in 6 rolls each -1 means you roll another d6, take the worst result).
  • CON damage recovers at a rate of 1/day after the disease runs it's course or is cured.
  • Characters reduced below 3 CON are rendered unconscious.
  • Characters reduced to 0 CON are dead.
  • After the disease has run it's course, characters recover CON a rate of 1 per day.
  • I wouldn't let the players know how this works, just describe the mechanical effects and the terrible feels.
  • Always remember to cackle with delight as the PCs slowly succumb to the Viridian Wasting Fever.