Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Superbly Strange Thing Floating in Space

A Fan-Made Mission Brief for Cosmic Patrol

The Setup
You've all pulled an easy assignment, for once. You’re on a long-haul, exploration mission to a seemingly empty section of space. The top brass science-types didn't want to send out such expensive instruments without a guard. So you’re gonna take a long nap in stasis, each of you will work a week-long guard detail to give Doc Headson a break, take yet another nap, and then collect your paycheck made fat with 4 months of Hazard Pay. Subjective time for you, 10 days. Cake-walk, right? Nothing’s ever that easy in the Patrol…

You all awaken to this message on the MedaPod ViewScreen (click to enlarge)

So now all systems are on absolute lockdown for 23 more hours, there’s a possible hull breach that can only be confirmed with actual eyes on scene, and the Doc’s gone missing.

Just another day on the job, it's time to earn that Hazard Pay.

>Stop the Leak near Airlock C
>Locate Doc Headson and Return Him to the Ship
>Hold it together until the Abeyance is Over
>Report In and Head Home

>Damn Lockdown >Strategic Abayence >Odd, Even for the Patrol >Space Mansion? >Ghosts?! >It’s Never Easy >What the Hell >Metatherions?

>Horror in Spaaaace >Haunted House >Hedgemaze >Creepy >Specters >Abduction >Mythos-ish >Unsettling >Scary Gentlemen

The Setting 
This is what appears to be a Victorian era Townhouse floating in space. Because being in the Patrol isn't weird enough, right? It’s got it’s own atmosphere and Earth-norm gravity. The ship seems to have crashed into the Townhouse’s rocky hedgemaze. Airlock B stands wide open, leading into this surreal nightmare.

Scene 1 - All crewmembers are accounted for except Doc Headson. The possible breach near Airlock C must be investigated and stopped. To add to the fun, because of the Abeyance all equipment lockers are autolocked. The viewing ports display an unreal vista, an old-fashioned townhouse floating amongst the stars?! A bloody trail leads from the Command Deck, out through an open airlock, and into a creepy Hedgemaze... 

Scene 2 - The Hedgemaze is infested with an unbelievable mix of foes: Uth, Killbots, Mindplants, and more…  And they seem to be incorporeal! (Use stats out of the book minus the armor pips, and they can only be harmed only by Rayguns or other energy attacks [fire, electricity, etc.].)

Scene 3 - The Townhouse proper is protected by Zombie Butlers (use stats for Space Pirate Minion, always attack last using weapons of opportunity, bite can transfer zombie disease)and illusions of a multitude of horrors. In a second story bedroom there resides a tentacled Monstrosity dressed as a proper Victorian Gentleman. What’s left of Doc Headson lies on a gurney. The Monstrosity fancies himself a collector of sorts. The crew has to defeat the monstrosity, save the Doc if possible, and get back to the ship alive!

Good Luck, Patrolmen!

This made possible by this license. More Cosmic goodies available here. Cosmic Patrol and some other things (Uth, Metatherion, etc.) in this post are totally ©Catalyst Game Labs. You should probably just go ahead and spend $5 on the Corebook PDF. It is beyond worthwhile.