Tuesday, March 4, 2014

GM's Day... Gifts?

If you're like me, you see this avalanche of awesome RPG shit every day in your blog feeds, on the googles plus, and/or reddit. Creative stuff that folks like +Dyson Logos (1) or +James Young (2) or +Aaron Carlson (3) pump out all the time (and for free to boot). Also, if you've got a few bucks, the good gamers/publishers ( +Venger Satanis for instance) over at Drivethru RPG have a wealth of sweet action for you. If, like me, you also have little to no free time, you get this weird urge to create a setting that holds all of this. All of It! (And isn't Rifts...) That way you can just have one game with all-the-things, and gonzo will reign supreme.

I've started to make this uber-setting a couple of times, but I always get carried away with one theme or another and all-the-things suddenly don't fit. Then I start thinking, do I really want all-the-things in one world?...

Then it hit me like a ton of very obvious bricks, that setting already exists (and its fantastic [and I've played/ran the hell out of it). Planescape. How could I forget Planescape? All-the-things are within walking distance of my favorite FRPG city, Sigil. Go. Go walk the Planes, berk. All the strangest things are there already. Just waiting for ya ta tumble to 'em. (Who wouldn't want to drink with demons and talk like a Victorian pickpocket?)

Oh, the other "gift", my little RPG product, "The Wretched Grasp", is currently on sale. So if that $.50 price point was too high, you can snag for $.35 through the 15th.

Anyway, happy GM's Day, nerds.