Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Creepy Spell

Rough draft of a Wizard spell from an adventure I'm writing.

Bone Reaping
Level: 1
Type of Magic : Fleshcrafting, Necromancy, Alteration
Duration: Permanent.
Saving Throw: Negates.
Reversible: (Bone Sowing? Too much sex-pun.) Not Reversible.
Required Components : Moral Ambiguity, a Strong Stomach, and a Ritually Prepared Bone; See Below.

By means of weird and frightening magics, this spell removes all the calcified minerals from a single bone within a living creature's body. These minerals are summoned into a porous ball of bone-salts, appearing in the caster's left hand.

The creature takes minor damage (1d2 to 1d4), and he/she/it will be stunned for 3d6-HD rounds. The remaining gelatinous bone is unsuited for supporting any amount of weight. The process is extremely painful and may result in a permanent lack of mobility for the victim (if, for instance, a leg bone was reaped). The calcified minerals are summoned into a single porous ball of bone-salts, appearing in the caster's left hand.

To cast this spell, the wizard speaks the proper phrases while a ritually prepared bone of the same type* is held in the his/her right hand. (*Trying to harvest a human's finger bone? You'll need the same finger bone from another human, ritually prepared of course. Trying to harvest the anklebone of a booze-giant? You'll need an ankle bone from a booze-giant. )

The Ritual Preparation: A still living victim is secured to a meticulously cleaned stone altar. The desired bone is then slowly and carefully removed from the victim's flesh with a silver scalpel. All the while, the wizard chants certain mnemonic phrases, keeping in mind the proper arcane formulae. This takes approximately 1 hour for smaller bones (phalanx, carpus, etc.) and 4+ hours for large bones (tibia, femur, etc.).

An equal amount of time is then spent blackening and drying the bone over a brazier of low-burning flames. Into this brazier should be cast two patinaed copper coins while speaking Death's name.

All throughout the extraction and drying process, the victim must be kept alive. The victim may or may not be sedated depending on the sadistic bent of the wizard.

Finally, the blackened bone should be polished to darkly gleaming.

Notes about Adjudicating the Results: Simply imagine what would happen if the bone in question were suddenly made of jam. That happens: falling down, lots of screaming, dropping weapons, etc.
What about skulls? Skulls are actually multiple bones fused together, but... if the players can figure out how to remove a skull while keeping the victim alive, they totally deserve that win. (Also, they scary.)