Saturday, January 25, 2014

Just One Dragon

"...There is only One, child. Oh, it has held many names. The Great Wyrm has suffered countless deaths, at the hands of true Champions - but, what is death to ashes, flame, and broken stones?

" Well young fellow, the common fly, of course, spills forth from dead flesh too long kissed by Mistress Time; snakes, it is known, are born upon liar's graves; bats are wrought from the screams of lost children; and goblins are birthed from cesspits. But the Dragon, it rises from the ashes of Kingdoms.

" It is change. It comes anew, reborn at the fall one people to guard against the rising of another. It is hardship, lad; it is drought and famine and pain, blood and tears. Only when it is wrought again asunder will the land once more bear fruit - and a new people.

" Oh, woe to you my child that you were brought forth into a Serpent's age! These rheumy eyes remember the unblotted sun. Mayhaps soon, the Champion will come. The Skyfire may well have been a portent..."