Saturday, January 4, 2014

It's a damn clip show...

In honor of the New(ish) Year, I went back through my old posts. All the ones I think were actually good but had really low page views are linked below.

Cue Wavy Flashblack Transition (If Wayne's World didn't just flash through your skull, you've made the wrong life decisions [or you're young enough that you should probably get off my lawn].)

In no particular order:

Dads and Dungeons and Dragons - Your character's parents should be important.
"Coin" in the Southern Marches - Trade in a materials starved economy.
Beyond the Binary - Binaries are dumb. Trinaries are better. If you don't think so, you're dumb.
Your Magical Elves Make Too Much Sense to Be Real - Contradiction is at the heart of culture.
Mass x Velocity - How to make/lose/keep momentum in an ongoing campaign.
Why Bother? - Why I do the things I do.
Also I still think my Rock and Role articles didn't cross enough monitors.

Bonus Map! Click to Enlarge.

Why don't ya take a look?