Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wretched Teasers!

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Purpose: The Wretched Grasp will serve as a wellspring of tension when normal-seeming animals and objects viciously attack and drag away the unfortunate, screaming into the unknown. 

The Grasp could also become the Player Characters' first horrifying step into other realities or even kick off an entire campaign. What better way to bring PCs together than to make them all victims of the same unimaginable plight?

Appearance: The Grasp can look like dozens of separate, ordinary things, that’s the real killer of it. A cat, an eel, a coil of rope, a vine, an octopus, or pretty much anything else that has a tail, tether, or tentacle. It appears to be normal flora, fauna, or materials with one exception; some piece of each “arm” will be far longer than it should… Within its watery home [the amoeba-like Grasp] undulates and shivers in constant motion… at the very center of the terrible mass lies an enormous eye, glowing softly green. The great orb darts about, holding all that moves in its quivering glance…

Descriptors: The Grasp arms attack all at once, seeking to bite, claw, and entwine its victims’ limbs. It will continue to attack those nearby, at random, until all it’s “arms” (from 3-13 usually) have hold of someone. The actual damage from the initial attacks is minor. Once its grip is set, the Grasp begins to drag its prey towards the widening dimensional ruptures in fitful violent bursts. In only a matter of seconds, the last of the victims can be drawn through...

Now Available at Drivethrurpg. (Follow the link for more of a Preview.)

Stay tuned for a peek at the "Wretched Beginnings" Adventure...