Monday, November 11, 2013

Many Thanks

I just realized that I've been operating this here Blog Thing for one full year as of today. At present the Blog has had ~11,000 pageviews. That's pretty phenomenal considering this is an obscure RPG Blog that came out of nowhere. (Especially, since I didn't really have a firm grasp on what I was trying to do at first.)

Trying to adequately thank you, my readers, for this experience is kinda like Squaring the Circle or Folding Fitted Sheets; I might get close but the task is at its core, impossible.

So in lieu of trying, here are a couple of pictures I GIMP doodled. I hereby release them into the Public Domain.

Some Sparkly, Magic Bubbles or Something
Some sort of Cosmic, Chaos Demon-Cat or Whatever.
Do to them or with them as you will. If you happen to stat up the Cosmic Kitty, do please let me know about it. My favorite parts of running this blog have always been when the communication was 2-way.

Thanks Again, Ya'll.