Monday, November 11, 2013

Imagination Fodder & A Landscape Map

From The Spinner's Seekings, Scroll 17 "The Storied Cave and the Three Ridges 'neath Whitewashed Skies"

"...Behold you then the Golden Vale. Walk forth into the Cave, but only through a Cleansing Screen of Sacred Smoke. There you will find the Old Stone, and on it the Blessed Cup. Clear your Mind of Doubt. Pour forth the Sweet Oil from the Long Vial. Light it quickly, Child. Look upon the Deep Flames 'til they burn themselves to Naught.

"Go ye forth from the Cave and you shall know the Pull, but TURN NOT AROUND, Child. Walk swiftly to the First Ridge and then it is Safe to Turn, though your Journey will be for Naught.  You will remain in the world, and the Cave will hold Nothing for ye, all the rest of your days.

"Ignore ye the Pull, that Siren Song, and Take the Hard Walk to the Second Ridge. Turn Around there and you shall be in Fairy. And too shall ye be Welcome there. All Fey Folk and Wild Things shall know thy Place was Hard Won.

"If thou Canst, withstand the Pull as only a Hero may, and Walk ye to the Final Ridge. Turn Forth and Pierce Ye the Final Veil. In the High Places thou will be. Secrets and Songs and Sacred Sayings you will find, beyond the Ken of Men. Though you but Leave as a Child, a King you shall Return."

© Edward Lockhart 2013. All Rights Reserved.