Sunday, September 8, 2013

More Clutter For Your Gaming Table

Spaceships. They're pretty damn cool. From Serenity to the Enterprise, the humble and/or mighty spaceship is a huge part of Science Fiction. It's a home, a means of adventure, and in many ways a character all to itself. 

Previously, I've made mention of my love for Cosmic Patrol. Ships don't really come front and center in the Cosmic-P*. I can understand why; a complicated equipment list of fully-spec'ed ships wouldn't really fit the style of that game. Still though, I think there's something missing without a good way to bring the radioactive-rocket-powered awesomesauce of ships front and center. So here's my attempt to fix this issue, presenting the Cosmic-P Spaceship Sheet.

Above are the blank form and a filled-in example. (Click to Activate) They follow the same general ideas of the Cosmic-P character dossiers. To those who haven't yet played Cosmic Patrol or *gasp* don't want to, these would work just fine for any game. Replace the word Cues with Aspects and hey it's a FATE ship sheet. Magic. 

Legal shiz - I do hereby release these creations (the ship-sheets)  into the wild and furthermore release them to you all to do with as you please. Simply attribute the original design to me, Edward Lockhart, and Violent Media with the exception of that rad logo; that's all Catalyst Game Labs. Speaking of that: This license is what makes me think I can do this at all.

That's all for this edition of Violent Media in Spaaaaaaaaaaace! Questions, Comments, Etc? Leave a message after the beep.

* To be fair, I haven't seen the newest Cosmic P releases. The surprising amount of work that went into these seemingly simple forms may have well been a complete waste of time.