Sunday, September 1, 2013

Miniature Based Combat Can Suck It!

I don't care for minis nor gridded combat. Even the Savage Worlds game I'm running has no grid, nor figures, nor any of those accoutrement. I've got two pretty simple reasons for this:

1) I don't like complexities.
Moving things about on a grid with all those special rules in the name of "precise, tactical realism" gets complicated and time consuming quickly. I want combat to be quick and mean. Besides, I'd rather spend more time role playing. Guess how I feel about 3.X DnD...

2) I try to never describe in-game events through anything other than the characters' perspective.
The bird's-eye-view of mini based combat obviously thwarts this purpose, and in my opinion does much damage to a player's immersion. Moving miniatures around on a grid, you are acting as and thinking as a Player. Describing how you duck the orc's vicious spear thrust and slap at his exposed knee with your axe, that's Character thinking, baby. That's the good stuff.

Concerning Large and/or Complex Battles
To be fair, I don't run complex nor large fights very often. My system makes such prospects deadly situations which are better off avoided. (I like this.) When things do go that direction, I sketch out a rough map of the situation for myself. On occasion, muddled descriptions wind up just confusing everybody. Giving the players a quick glance at the map is usually all it takes to right the situation. Afterwards, it's all back to relating the situation in front of them and nothing else.

That's my brief take on the matter.

Am I totally full of shit? Tell me how.