Thursday, August 8, 2013

Several Things Come Together

Close to the beginning of this year, I participated in +Gnome Stew 's New Year New Game Blog-Carnival/Challenge/Exhortation.

tl;dr I bemoaned the fact that I'd played too few systems and outlined a half-assed plan to fix it...

Well, the half-assed plan is going swimmingly and has managed to connect with something else I've done. I ran my first session of both the Southern Marches microsetting and the Savage Worlds ruleset.

The Southern Marches setting was a success. My players took to it's peculiarities quite well. I followed my own advice and ran a game out of the God's Tree settlement, with the PCs being a part of the workhouse crowd.

They were an odd part of the workhouse crowd, though. A goblin and an apothecary whose combined skills essentially made them surveyors for the region. This meant they didn't get work particularly often. This also meant they were currently on their last crock and soon to be starving and sans shelter. That's an excellent state to be in for adventure.

There they were, drinking too much cider and eating too many apples, when they were made an offer they couldn't refuse. Bad decisions were made. Loot was looted. There was a fair bit of fighting and some running away. Ancient, forgotten gods were awoken. Fun was had by all. Now on to a mini-review of Savage Worlds.

Save Worlds is, at it's core, a pretty simple system, but it does have lots and lots and lots of options. I managed to avoid many of them by simply pregenerating characters for my players to chose from. The actual game manual is well laid out and  easy to use. I could keep most of the basic rules in my skull after a few read-throughs (a huge +).  My wife (who hates making characters and learning new systems) actually enjoyed the system/game. She particularly liked the way that Hindrances were at the forefront of the characters. This guy was there too.

I did, nevertheless, forget how healing worked. When I had to quickly look it up mid-game, the rules I needed were split between two different sections. Irritating but easily remedied via the index.

All in all, I like Savage Worlds. It won't ever be my system of choice, but I do see why so many people adore it. It is fast, furious (though curiously thorough), fun. Now it's on to a few more sessions of Savage Worlds before we try out The Puddle with these same characters. Then, weirdly enough, I feel a game of Hellcats and Hockeysticks coming on...