Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Excellent Maps and Too Many Links!

I've mentioned this guy's excellent maps before. A link to his blog has been hovering around the top right side of this blog for quite some time now. Well, the good fellow behind Dyson's Dodecahedron is having a  contest to win a hand drawn map. All one has to do is mention his blog via blog or social media or something. So mentioning.

I've been a fan of the Dodecahedron for a while. I absolutely adore Dyson's style of cartography. Gorgeous  maps, suitable for dropping into pretty much any FRPG, stand ready for your own group of grave-robbing scumbags. Explore them!

The OSR content he's posted of late has been stellar. He's got the perfect touch for adding variety to OSR D&D without adding complexity. I will be begging my DM to let me use the Halfling Subclasses chart for my next character.

I also suggest you check out his odd, little (pun only partially intended) RPG Geodesic Gnomes. When I finally get around to playing it, sometime later this year, I'll likely wax poetic on this very blog.

Imma prolly buy his books when I gets some money, too. (In 18 years or so when I get the kid outta the house, I'll probably have some extra cash.)

In short go here and enjoy. Also buy things here. 'Cause I want that damn map!