Thursday, June 27, 2013

Previously on Violent Media

Here are a few highlights from the 30+ and growing articles I've posted up here. It's like an 80's sitcom clip show but with RPG articles! Well, hopefully it's better than that...

"Rolling With Ones" - Good Advice for any GM (of course YMMV).

"Sex and Sexuality and Dungeons and Dragons" - My views on sexual issues and roleplaying games.

"Why Bother?" - Why I'm doing all this.

"Useful Symbols" - A helpful tool for making NPCs. As an added bonus, to use this table for really on-the-fly, okay-to-be-one-dimensional NPCs, just drop a sing die and see where that takes you.

"Rock and Role Over There" - An article of which I am quite proud. It was written for Gnomestew. If you like it say something in the comments there. I don't care that it's months old.

I like feedback and get too little of it. Which is weird because this is the internet. Typically there's no shortage of feedback (the problem tends to run in the other direction). So if you happen to have something to say on any of my articles, no matter how old, go ahead and comment. It will be read and appreciated.

'Til next time.