Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cronnon: A Random Sandbox

Below is a random encounter chart for the entire Northern wilderness of the region. The Northern Chart covers rows 1-6 (jagged though they may be).

Roads usually take about a day to travel across on foot per hex, while wilderness hexes take 1 to 3 days to traverse depending on the terrain (center-to-center or edge-to-edge). 

This encounter chart can be rolled on once per wilderness hex. It's not your typical "Wandering Monster" chart but more of a series of problems, obstacles, and plots "in-potentia". Whenever you roll something that's a permanent place, be sure to mark it on your master of the map for future reference. There's  no need to roll on the chart when the PCs are at a hex already marked with a point of interest.

A few More Notes about this Microsetting

The people of Cronnon tend to be an irreligious if oddly superstitious bunch. There are two ruined temples in the Cronnon city proper. The first, a temple to the numerous "Old Gods" was torn down by the proselytizing conquerors. These zealots came from the Kingdom to which Cronnon used to be connected. They built a new temple to their monotheistic Earth Goddess which, in turn, has fallen to disrepair since the Downfall. There aren't any orders of clerics/priests, but many people believe in either Fate or Animism. Additionally, magic is very rare and viewed with virulent fear by most in the region. Magic-using characters should be discreet unless they want to be ostracized or worse. 
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I've left everything purposely system-agnostic. Playing this with Savage Worlds will feel very different from doing it OSR. Just use whatever monster-stats make sense for your game, sketch-out or swipe a few maps (see Dyson's Dodecahedron at the top-right), roll up some characters, and BAM! you got yourself a really odd sandbox game. If they wander off the map, just keep the same type of terrain going.

If your player characters need a bit of goading, start them as very poor day-laborers in New Hope. When a group of NPCs come into the Workhouse buying round after round and bragging about how they struck it rich in some old tomb, the starving, out-of-work PCs should be hooked. Alternatively, you could have on of the wealthier homesteaders offer to outfit the PCs if they explore the ruins in B4 and split the take with him.

Click Here to review the post about "currency", and do try to remember the relative scarcity of metal goods in the region.

I've got more encounter charts and design notes still to come.