Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Update! Update! From Cosmic HQ!

Well Cosmic Patrol was every bit as fun as I'd expected it to be. With a shifting roster of the Patrol's finest, we burned through two mission briefs in about 5 hours. Once we finally got used to the Plot Points and how necessary/fun they were, things went swimmingly. Our's was a foul-mouthed, R. Lee Ermy style take on the Patrol.

A giant, psychic, and very evil space squid was unwittingly released from its icy imprisonment. We destroyed or own ship, the Freighter Uturon Infinity, beyond any hope repair, but put the tentacled horror down. The Flagstaff Corporation somehow profited greatly from this endeavor.

The Command Class ship Genesis fared much better. Atomic Igniters were stolen from a ship full of hostile spider-bots. These spidery kill bots, we discovered, don't fair well in zero-g. A gravity drive got used as an enormously powerful space-bumper. Thousands of kill bots were destroyed in a failed boarding attempt. Whiskey was consumed in  a victory toast as we headed finally towards platform alpha for some overdue shore leave.

Those plot points really took some getting used to. Cosmic P's very different from the simulationist immersive type of game we usually run. I think I may just write up a review for it in full one day. But not today.