Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sir Havart the Unbent

Small Hall Family Arms

For your gaming pleasure, a systemless NPC suitable for most Fantasy campaigns.

Name: Sir Havart the Unbent
Age: 31
Family: Small Hall
Family Motto: Blood Makes the Soil Black

            Sir Havart stands at nearly six feet tall. His broad, strong frame still carries the noble bearing of his station though his weather-beaten skin bespeaks of years spent in the elements. An angry red scar runs from his left brow to the top of his pate creating a noticeable void in his dark grey hair.
            He’s normally found in his worn green broadcloth tunic, loose leather jerkin, woolen hose, and high leather boots. His estoc and knife are always within arm’s reach if not on his hips. When he knows violence is at hand, he dons a hauberk and steel cuirass.
            He’s a quiet and stern-looking man though generally affable when approached politely. His dark green eyes miss very little; Sir Havart has only rarely come out on the wrong side of a negotiation.

            He had a generally happy childhood. Havart’s earliest memory was of his father digging in rich, black soil. The bright sun shone through his father’s long, sandy hair. Blue, the sky seemed too blue to exist. He had been warm, and he had been happy.
Sir Aelfred of Small Hall, Havart’s father, was a landed knight in the far north of the Duchy of Hapbend. Through his mother Lady Katherine’s excellent estate management and his father’s love of horticulture, the House of Small Hall managed to purchase freedom from their fealty to the coin-strapped Duke of Hapsbend.
Aelfred was known as a generous and kind lord. He earned the respect of his tenants and serfs by working the fields alongside them. He kept a small library of ancient texts on soil and crop rearing as well as dozens of small experimental gardens. Aelfred’s personal vineyards and his tenant’s abundant crops kept all the people of Small Hall and its holdings prosperous. Through him Havart learned the importance of proving yourself even to those below your station.
Havart spent his youth in martial pursuits. His war-scarred though gentle father could not assuage his son’s love of the tilt and the clash of arms. He excelled particularly in armed and armored fencing.
When he was but fifteen years old, Havart fought in his first tourney. In the general melee Havart struck down the Reginald II of Hapsbend, heir to the Duke. The fight was fair. Havart called him out, gave him opportunity to ready himself, and soundly trounced Reginald within moments. Young Havart took for ransom Reginald’s sword and armor, but not before treating the young man’s wounds.  He then fought for several more hours aiding greatly in his party’s victory.
After the tourney, Reginald journeyed to Small Hall to buy back his lost arms. Aelfred welcomed the young gentlemen, treating  him as an honored guest. While at Aelfred’s table Reginald, practically swimming in wine, fondled Alaina one of the serving girls. She struck the young wretch with a silver pitcher, breaking his nose. Reginald dove at her with a knife in his fist. In the ensuing struggle, Aelfred took a deep knife wound to the shoulder and Havart crushed Reginald’s skull with a serving tray.
Aelfred died of infection within a few weeks. Shortly thereafter the Duke of Hapbend successfully brought suit against the house of Aelfred for the loss of his son and heir. Small Hall and all its verdant holdings became a direct holding of the Duchy. Havart and the Lady Katherine left with only a handful of valuables and the clothes on their backs.
Havart found his mother shelter with the grateful family of Alaina and set off into the wild, cruel world. He sold his sword at first to any who’d pay, but soon saw the horror such a life would reap. Havart then learned how to live off the land and bide his time for a worthwhile cause.
He’s fought for serfs in exchange for a pittance and warm bed. Nobles have given him shinning coin for his steadfast service. He’ll not fight for free but he scales his fee to the means of the man asking. Whenever he can, Havart sends coin along to his mother.

Martial: Estoc, Knife/Dagger, Shield, Mounted Combat, Lance
Other: Hunting/Trapping Small Game, Survival Light Forest/Meadowland

Wilderness Gear (rope, hatchet, bedroll, etc.), Weapons and Armor as Above, Pack Mule, Small Cache of Silver.