Sunday, January 6, 2013


     Rather than jump right into the continued rewrite of Grit, my table-top RPG, I elected to dick about with some designs for my publishing company logo. The first is pretty similar to many I've done before just with a bit of a grey-blue wash over it.
     The second is a wider, voided version of the same. I'm just not certain it'll look like anything to anyone other than me.
     I'd also previously designed a sort of cracked, peeling paint version for a fantasy RPG heraldry guide I've been working on. I'm beginning to think it might serve well for a Fantasy supplement logo.
     I've got an excellent outline of what I need to do for this rewrite, I'm growing in leaps and bounds in my understanding of  my Publishing software, but I'm just not writing enough. I've got to push past distractions and illness and lazy. I'm simply going to make Grit a priority again. I've got to play, too. 
     There are a few new subsystems that are begging for more playtesting. Plus, I'm once again reconsidering the Character Strengths (a.k.a. Stats a.k.a. Scores a.k.a. Characterisitics etc.). Should I keep Appearance as is? It doesn't stand much of a chance of being used mechanically. Even if there is an Appearance check, it will probable require an additional check of some other strength to accomplish something. Should I just drop it all together? I've already got a strength that covers attention-to-detail/reading-people. Should a Charisma/Presence/Charm sort of score exist separate from that? Couldn't I just let players pick that score or just let their description cover those RP aspects? I'm not sure yet. 
     It seems that no matter how much further I come along, my progress only brings about more questions, decisions, and work. It's a good thing I love this shit. Ah well, two tears in a bucket. Back to work for me.