Monday, January 21, 2013


This post was written for the second annual New Year, New Game blog carnival hosted by Gnome Stew as part of the 2013 New Year, New Game challenge.

     I created a priesthood for my pyramid-scheme/cult for my low-fantasy setting, Ayhton, a bit over a year ago. The culture in question was inspired by Migration Era Germanic cultures in general and the Anglo-Saxons in particular. This priesthood, however, was quite foreign to those roots. This priesthood, known as the Oefen (or Others), were respected and feared. Though none was happy to see the presence of an Other, no member of the tribe would deny them a place at any table not even the Kyenning (king). They were known to be wise, sought out for council in hours of great need, and suspected of having powerful and subtle magics. They alone could invoke the name of Allrac, King of the Gods, without the fear of death. Yet mostly they were known to possess great powers of prophecy. What gave them such power? Perspective.

     The Others were cross gendered.  The men dressed and lived as women; the women dressed and lived as men. This allowed them to see the flaws and strengths of their people more clearly than anyone else. They stood outside of their society, far enough away to see it as a whole.

     Recently I've come to realize that my own perspective could use a bit of widening. The #7rps meme over on G+ brought something troubling to my attention: I had to stretch things a bit to get to 7. While I do still contend that using Combat and Tactics (and some of the other Players Options rules) more-or-less qualifies as a separate edition from standard 2nd Ed., it still bothered me. I've read countless RPGs but just haven't actually played nearly as many as I'd like. 

     On New Year's Eve I was talking to an old friend about trying to start up an irregular game of Cosmic Patrol. I've been eager to try the Cosmic P for a while now. I'm anxiously awaiting finally playing it, but Cosmic Patrol alone won't be nearly enough.

     New Games yield New Experiences yield New Perspectives.

     In order to expand my roleplaying nerd repertoire, I need to play a shit-load of new systems. My schedule, however, already includes three campaign length games this year; all of which will be playtesting Grit. With my rewrite of the Grit Core Rulebook and that pesky little place at which I work for actual money, I just can't squeeze in any more campaigns.  

     Nevertheless, I have found a solution. Throughout this year I will make the time to host six or so one-shot games. First, I shall invite every nerd I know to attend. Then pregenerate some characters for the ease of all involved and Viola!. I'll likely run at least three of the games myself and try to harangue my friends into GMing some games they've wanted to try. 

Here's a list of RPGs I've got in mind: 
The Puddle (a Pool variant)
Savage Worlds Test Drive
Part Time Gods
Prose Descriptive Qualities System
Geodesic Gnomes
Hellcats and Hockeysticks
Possibly the d6 System.

(You might have noticed a similar price point to many of the games I just listed, $0.00. Also, I know I'm gonna invite this guy so I might wind up playing Lamentations of the Flame Princess, too.)

     I'm looking forward to 2013 being a year filled with gaming. Rocking and rolling with so many new systems ought to give me some perspective on Grit... Not to mention be fun on a bun.