Saturday, November 17, 2012

Rock and Role

The following entries are three Rock and Roll bands and an associated plot hook for each. They're ready made for modern fantasy campaigns and can be tweaked to your heart's content. On the off chance you happen to like one of these Band Names enough to use it, just drop me a line and give me credit, somehow at some point. Of course if you don't I'll probably never know...

Anyway, Enjoy.

         > Heat Death of the Universe

Genre/Style - Dark Wave/Death Rock Revival. Heat Death tends to play small to mid-sized venues despite a fan base that could yield better, bigger gigs. HDU presents themselves all in black jeans, thrift-store black blazers, eyeliner, black nail-polish, and Robert Smith style hair.
Best Known Songs - "Bleak Bastards", "Demons. Destruction. Delight."
Weird Plot Hooks - Exsanguinated corpses have been found outside of both of the last two clubs they've played. Suspicion in the supernatural community is that the band are vampires. They act nonchalant on stage and when dealing with their fans but are actually deeply disturbed by the recent events. The reality is, unbeknownst to them, their roadie is a demon collecting debts for an evil god. The victims knew the risk when they made their bargains. What Should the PCs do?

         > Bone Animation

Genre/Style - Sloppy Pop Punk. A very small-time band that only plays in a couple of local punkish dives. Most of the members still live at home and work part-time, menial jobs. They've got more of a lazy, ripped-up shirt, messy-hair punk image.
Best Known Songs - "Dick Slap", "Break it, Bend it, Rip it Wide Open"
Weird Plot Hooks - The bass player, Steve "Eat Me" Greenstein, sells LSD to supplement his meager income. His most recent batch came from a new source. The 'Cid's actually been mystically enchanted to demonically possess the users. Three people have already been put in an asylum because of it. One of them had rich parents who're willing to pay Big to cure their daughter and stop those responsible. The Cops as usual are doing nothing. Ya can't get a warrant to pick somebody up on witch-craft anymore...

          > i-squared

Genre/Style - Prog Metal/Mathrock. Just three nerdy looking, jeans and fan-boy t-shirt dudes. They tour almost year round and have managed to build a decent following. They hit mostly mid-level venues.
Best Known Songs - "Schrodinger's Cat (Outa the Box)", "Square Roots"
Weird Plot Hooks - i-squared will be in town for a week, playing three gigs at the Metal Mouth. The PCs will be notified by some men in suits with FBI credentials that the drummer, Edwin Lamstead, is needed for questioning and they need it done quietly. Everything about the FBI agents checks out. If the PCs grab Edwin he'll spill the beans about a massive conspiracy he stumbled across when he was a young hacker. Edwin has some evidence and the conspiracy, if true, would seem to have been building towards something big for that last hundred years. Who to believe? What's it all building towards? What's really real? 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Getting Started

What's all this about?

This is the beginning of Violent Media. This blog will serve as my own personal mouthpiece for all things relating to Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games. I'll be leaving haphazard advice, personal musings, and odd bits of useful gaming material.

Who am I?

I'm a 28 year old nerd who's been playing Roleplaying Games since before THAC0 was an antiquated curse word. I've been GMing RPGs off and on for more than a dozen years. I'm an unashamed simulationist and I hate any mechanic that causes a player to make a decision not being made by his character. I am fond of elegant simplicity in game mechanics. The kind of mechanics that put as little pressure as possible on one's suspension of disbelief. I'm also fond of esoteric discussions of RPG theory, but nothing beats the thrill of actually running or playing.

What else is it about?

For the last three years I've been sporadically building and refining Grit, my very own roleplaying game system. Recently I've decided to work diligently towards self-publishing it. This Blog will also record my steps forward in this so-far-wonderful and quite-likely-foolhardy endeavor.

Until next time potential readers, may you roll max crits in times of need and always remember all your bonuses to hit.