Thursday, August 22, 2019

Revenant for Broken Wilds

arise as the violence
that unmade her
settles as rage
into an unbeating heart
rise and find,

In Broken Wilds, Unmourned dead and those buried without ceremony have a 1/10 chance to rise up as the undead.

Revenants are angry souls that died in violence, and now inhabit their own corpses.

They arise 7 time units after death.
Roll 1d6 to determine the time unit, how the Revenant behaves,

1][ Hours] [could pass for living, still exhibits old habits: drinking, concern for loved ones, smoking, idiosyncratic gestures, nervous ticks, whistle familiar tunes, try to stay out of foul weather, etc. Will succumb to rage in 1d6 days.]

2-4][Days] [pretty gross looking and smelling, has love for and dim memory of dearest loved ones. However, the rage will take over soon, in 2d6 hours, in fact]*

5][Months] [gross, has only murder on their rotten minds]

6][Years] [skeletal, savage joy in dealing death and destruction]

Revenant Factoids

  • Revenants unerringly know their murderer's location.
  • Revenants are powered by vengeance alone. It's very green, really.
  • Revenants who slay their killer/s return to restful death.
  • A revenant who's murderer has died by any other cause devolves into a voiceless monster, expressing naught but mute and sudden violence.
  • 3HD, +1 to Hit, 1d4+2 or 1d6+2 w/ weapon, Movement is steady... relentless. Special: Hardness of the Grave, attacks doing 2 or less damage do not affect the rage corpse. 
  • +d3 Strength, -d3 Grace, -1 Wits, +2 Weird.

*Thus all the stories of dead sailors tapping on their child's or wife's window days after dying, to whisper I love you one last time. Their killer's corpse, of course, washes ashore with the morning tide. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

SkipJunkies][MeatRunners #2

"Inconvenient Origami and Dangerous Bouncy Castles"

Philomena Burroughs played by Fiona

Shiny Bright played by Evlyn

Hongkek played by Richie

Map of the dead Sidejaw Narcwhal they Ran through.

  • Wake up in alley on Entrada behind a different Daygo, note in Shiny’s pocket, in somebody else’s handwritting.
  • 1. Skip, 2. Meat, 3. Rob... Robin Hood
  • They pick Meat and head to the provided address, the Bucket o’ Blood, a cheesey, try-hard metal club.
  • There's a greasy guy in the corner table, that doesn’t fit in w/ his lime green blazer, khakis, and lack of shirt.
  • Introduces as self as Jack Jackson, and the jonesing transients accept offer before knowing the payout. 1 million Standards each, 1 organ minimum for payout. Bonuses available!
  • Make it to the offices of Nova Biological Ltd. There they both qualify for Assault Rifles and Philomena licked coke snot off the floor.
  • While in the Waiting Room riding up the big damn space elevator, Philomena makes origami with Smart Sheet(tm) periodicals. This of course permanently ruins the displays in interesting ways, costing Nova Bio. Ltd ~22.5 K Standards.
  • Long ride in drone shuttle, then the ball with a dunce cap shaped fleshcraft is fired into the explosive portal wound.
  • Since the craft flipped backwards anyway, Shiny just rolls with it and does a fabulous job pilotin’ down the bloodstream.
  • They find a guy in the exact same armor as them, except baby-blue instead of black, unconscious in front of the smallish Narcwhal they’re to raid.
  • This is Hongkek. Quickly it’s decided he should help with the Run. (It’s weird though, he shot into the infinimeat with a large team in a Mormon Church controlled space station. That station should be dozens of parsecs away from Entrada, at the very least...)
  • Once inside, Shiny Bright tries to sneak by a terrible, tumorous Liver-Monster. She’s not the best at that and gets grabbed by one of the thing’s fibrous keratin-mucilage sticky whips.
  • It doesn’t take long for both Hongkek and Shiny to be stuck and slammed repeatedly into the trachea walls, studded with coral-like bony growths. Shiny tries to saw her way free with her big ol’ titanium knife.
  • Eventually enough led is pumped into the thing it pops like a cantankerous zit.
  • They nope away from the area studded with creepy Crystal Virus things.
  • There’s some talk about using the corpse of the liver-thing as a bridge to score probable Organs on the other side of a huge pool of Aqua Regia (a super strong acid).
  • Instead they circle back to a sphincter at end of the left intestine-like hall. Spend some time to cut through it.
  • Hongkek goes into the flesh-room first and gets tripped up by the floor-flesh. It seems to be trying to bounce him towards some teeth surrounding a flesh-mesh membrane.
  • He gets pulled back. Then Philomena and Shiny wind up in there instead. Philomena, while carrying a fully extended pole saw.
  • Benny Hill music plays in my head.
  • Eventually, Shiny cuts her way through the mesh-membrane and falls into the (flesh-)pit underneath it.
  • THERE’s an ORGAN there.
  • The room stops once it’s cut from the flesh-pedestal.
  • Almost out of time in real-life so they decide to head back having minimally fulfilled their contractual obligations.
  • That’s a good choice because they were ~5 minutes from the first of wave of the Infinimeat's Innate Immune Response.
  • So ~20 minutes away from certain death.
  • FLESH!

this is last week's game
this week's play report will happen soon...ish

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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Filth Gnomes

Don yonder ways, o'er by the eastish edge of the Dimbright wood, northerly abouts from town. In the Low Places, which ne'er do drain, that's where them're at. Filth Gnomes lazily lounging lurid in the muck which e'er does grow.

Them ne'er shall know the torrid touch of disease nor can them be poisoned. (Positively enormous, efficient livers & immune systems) I hath e'en seen them quaff teas of Death's Mother Mushrooms and Stricture Root. For sooth, them do live small and quarrelous lives. Similarly, them are of small 'n' quarrelous visage. (4-5' tall, Scrappy as Fuck, DIRTY)

Alright, I'm tired of that narratorial voice.

Squalid and unbelabored they live in a land to which many others drain. Slow, slow, slow is the the seepage through bedrock. Thus do dark swamps piebaldly encircle a fungal marsh. There the Filth Gnomes stay, almost amphibious in a way. Always wet, noisome, unconcernedly happy after a fashion. Quick to spit, quick to hit, will fucking beat you to death with a branch if you give 'em trouble.

Sordid, Filthy, and Free.

They eat what's at hand and drink and fornicate as they see fit. They can sustain quite easily with locally gathered vegetation. However, the glorious little shits much prefer well aged meats. Most are content to sit in their on personal puddles, calm and free (blowing hot the coals of my jealousy).

Theirs is not a monolithic society, not really a society at all. Some live in slimy burrows where they age ammonia rich cheese. Other gnomi instead inhabit simple shelters, have an affection for fire and cooked food, or even have some degree of personal hygiene. Some fools even dare to head into the terrible Clean Lands.
Approximately 80% of the Filth Gnome population are women/girls.

Filth Gnome, 1+1 HD, AC as Leather, 1 attack, Club 1d6+2. Special: Scrappy as Fuck, +2 to melee damage. Special: DIRTY -3 reaction rolls with civilized folks. Special: Muck is Quiet for Its Own, 75% chance to successfully hide or sneak in wetland environments.

As PCs:

Some need to see and experience more: clean bright sunshine shimmering on an open cesspit, the streak of dung and raspberry jam on a Vicar's new white robe, whiskey, drugs, the taste of new and differently hued slime...

Level as Halfling

CON is 2 points higher than indicated. CHA is 1 point lower than indicated.
STR is 1 point lower than indicated.
1d6 HD.

Poison Save starts at 10 (loosing contact with the familiar and varied toxins of their environment takes its toll) and goes down by 1 each level. However, after level 5, a pilgrimage to a legendary grossness must be made to lower the saving throw. All other saves remain at 15.

Plus roll 2x on the following chart to  determine further abilities. Roll again on this chart at levels 3, 6, and 9.

  1. Scrappy as Shit, +1 to melee damage. Another +1 on rerolls.
  2. Of the Soil and Sand, -3 reaction rolls with civilized folks, +3 with burrowing things. If rolled again, the dirt in the gnome's ears serves as translator with all burrowing things. If rolled a third time, burying the gnome causes them to heal at a rate of 1 HP per hour. After that it's nothing. Sorry.
  3. Muck is Quiet for Its Own, 70% chance to successfully hide or sneak in wetland environments. +5% on rerolls. ½ chance in other environments, round up.
  4. Friendly Infection, roll 1d4 for specifics.
      1. Swollen Boil, acetone stinking thin yellow puss inside. With successful attack roll, and a squeeze, victim is blinded for 1d4 rnds. The gunk really stings, ya know. Rerolls mean more boils. Pop 1/day. Itchy.
      2. Fungal Belly, sustained fungus colony in stomach gives Gnome ability to digest cellulose as well as especially terrible halitosis. Twigs and leaves become viable food sources. Ration needs are reduced by ½, assuming there's enough plant-life around. First reroll means Gnome can simply graze like a herd animal for sustenance if needed. If rolled again, the colony is slightly happier.
      3. Cheese Teeth, breath smells like Roquefort. Rapid flesh-eating bacteria have colonized the Gnome's mouth, sustained by a small portion of whatever meat the gnome consumes. Bite does 1 damage with successful attack roll. Next round bite-victim must Save vs Poison or take 1d3 damage. On each subsequent combat round (or every 6-10 seconds) Save vs Poison or take another 1d3, until the save is successful. (This also makes kissing non-filth folx complicated.)
      4. Tripping Pits, a bacteria-fungus symbiote resides in the Gnome's armpit or crotch. It's excretions can be scraped off 1/day (become dry/unusable in 4 hours); a very powerful, short-lived hallucinogen, each scraping causes a man-sized creature to be effectively stunned for 1d6 minutes. Rerolls mean more scrapings are available.
  5. Fuck You, You Big Fucks! long experience in fighting things notably bigger than them gives this Gnome +1 to hit vs Folks and Critters Bigger than Them. Rerolls stack.
  6. Fen Lore, they know the tastes and stanks of the useful things. They know. Sharp, bitter willow leaves for pain; savory, roast chicken flavor of sulfurshelf mushrooms for hunger; honeysuckle, sweet floral and fleeting to raise fallen spirits; the spicy citrus of astringent witch hazel. 55% chance to find flora useful to the problem at hand, usually hunger, injury, or disease, when in wetland environments. Can heal 1 HP or replace 1 ration. Takes 1d20 minutes to rummage it up if available.

Stink it up, y'all. Feels like I can only write literal filth lately.

Womp womp...

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Trash Dragons

Colorful, an oil slick on
shallow puddle of our logic,
they noisome slide on starlit nights
via filth-robed wretched might.

So many of the rpg rituals I've been writing lately are mostly self abasement, degradation. Which I suspect says more about my kinks than anything else.

“Welcome to shrug city, P.”

I'm not quite this gross. Just to be clear.


(Quick note: anybody can do magic [mostly via weird ritual] in my home game. Wise Witches are usually better at it, though. If you're more traditionally frpg minded, only magic users or chaos aligned clerics prolly can do this.)

The ritual is simple, and relatively safe. Assuming dysentery and food poisoning don't kill ya in the first couple of days.

Required components:
  • A Trash Dragon's True Name
    • Currently 17 [of 49] remain unsummoned.
    • When discovered 2/6 chance name is still usable.
  • An old midden heap or cesspit
  • Willingness to discard one's standing, to debase oneself to an unconcerned bit of refuse.
Sign of Unbalanced Orbs

First, strip naked before the trash pile at midday. You are nothing and have nothing but trash, refuse, garbage.

Second, prepare yourself for anti-ablution. Carve the Sign of Unbalanced Orbs into your flesh with any convenient bit of garbage.

Third, enter into the midden, your new home. Unwash yourself, taking care to crust filth particularly on your unhallowed wounds.

Fourth, declare yourself “...not but trash!” to all passersby.

Fifth, leave not your midden for at least 7 days.

Sixth, eat not but what you find; accept no alms and touch nothing clean nor blessed.

Seventh, on a New Moon at midnight scream “Serpent of Earth by Man Refused, I call ye. As, from, and to the filth, I call ye. Refuse me not! I am dung. I am trash. I am thee! Come to me! [true name 3×].”

In game terms, Save vs Poison or die from infection 1d6 days into the ritual. (Prime secret DM roll territory here.)

When the dragon is called, Save vs Magic or become the dragon rather than binding them to your will. You're a filthy chaos beast now. Them's the breaks.

Successful summoning grants a permanent +4 to all Poison saves. The dragon will consider the summoner an important advisor and trusted friend, almost a parent. However, while the dragon will usually obey the summoner, they don't have to. Their primary purpose and desire is to befoul fresh and clean things.

about them big ol’ filth lizards

The “flesh” is semisolid, half compost, half spoiled meat. Sinuous, they swim through the air like an eel. Rot and disease festers always in their wake.

Trash Dragons are 15-20’ long with mass equivalent to an adult tiger. Coloration: mildew black, wormy apple brown, pork slime green, fungal purple, cockroach sable, etc.

stat block shiz
Trash Dragon, 3+3 HD, AC as Chain, 1 attack, Gross Bite 1d8+3, Move: Sinuous and Quick.
Special: 2× per day, Fetid Breath -- 1d6 damage, 70’ radius. All (except dragon and summoner) must Save vs Poison or vomit uncontrollably for 1d8 rounds.
Special: 1× per day, Unbirth -- Trash Dragon can transform into a Trash Pile. Trash Dragon will reform at midnight.

more SkipJunkies][MeatRunners

“Somehow, it’s easy to forget the shape of a place. Spend 12 Skips and two tin-livers away, and ya forget how Entrada is built like a shrug. Lotsa places look like 10,000 claws all tearing at the sky. Only Entrada looks like it don’t know, and it don’t care. See, Entrada had something like ¾ of a livable atmosphere to begin with; most places don’t. Think that’s why most places are so damn vertical. Entrada got room to spread. Out towards it’s edge, Entrada got that big ole GRaTS [Glide Rail Transportation System] ring, built up pretty damn high. The nearby buildings and structures sorta match that height, then they get shorter as real estate competition lessens. It’s even worse over by Willkommen, that huge fucking Space Elevator. (Thing is goddamn BIG if you ain’t ever seen it. It’s like six shopping malls or some shit, going up and down the grav-well few times daily. A not-small spaceport’s up top, too.) Anyway, you got that big round head (exo-docks), the neck (Enter City proper, Elevator) and a wave of indifferent shoulders either side (GRaTS). This place don’t know. This moon don’t care. Ya know, don’t hear nobody else talk about it. Maybe it’s just me. Think I was pretty wrecked on San Pedro when I first washed up here, to be honest…”

Green = Inhabitable
Orange = Variably Inhabitable
Red = Uninhabitable

Monday, May 13, 2019

Play Report: SkipJunkies][MeatRunners #1

SkipJunkies][MeatRunners first Playtest.

(SkipJunkies][MeatRunners is a far future, medium-boiled scifi game. In it, you play drug addicts exploited for the most dangerous jobs anywhere: Skip Piloting [FTL travel] and Narcwhal Hunting [in the Infinimeat]. Also, Drugs for XP.)

Merb played by Abbi
My Hot Reality played by Anxy
Joe played by Tony

Awoke in an alley, behind a Daygo™ bodega, on Entrada.
(Entrada being a very old Colony centered around an enormous space elevator, the Willkommen. Basically a complex the size of 3 shopping malls goes up and down the gravity well several times a day. More or less it is 3 malls.)

Meat Runner by Alex Mayo,
I'm making this game/setting with In Search of Games.
Shit that happened in probably chronological order:
  • Vaguely remembered looking for work night before. Note taped to Joe's forehead with 3 jobs on it. Skip Job, a Meat Run, and and Robbery. They chose Meat Run.
  • Met Jak Horner at the Buckt o' Blüd, a spoopy-darkness metal club.
    • Agreed   with no negotiation to the job b/c Joe was jonesing for something speedy real bad.
    • It was a “Vulture” run for Condor Inc., swooping in to complete a failed organ haul.
    • Jak kept bugging them to remember “Ol' Jak” if they get chosen for an after-job survey. He “tossed in” a free Quick-Cell Lazer. Even printed out a 6' long receipt with their contract on it.
  • They grab some cheap, cooked grub from auto-vendors and head towards the center of town. Reality manages to offload a synth mescaline pill for a few Standards.
  • Outfitted by some asshole with long, slicked-back, blonde hair. They qualify for hardsuit fully environmental armor, 2 Assault Rifles, and 1 telescopic 6-12' titanium spear.
  • Drone delivered to the coordinates, portal-wound explosively torn into space, fired through fountain of blood into a vein about the size of 6 lane interstate.
  • Joe poorly piloted the red-blood-cell shaped craft, but managed to fire the anchor at exactly the right moment.
  • They headed out and into the downed Narcwhal (imagine a flea-narwhal hybrid covered in clear silica plates, the size of an office building, swimming through a reality of infinite flesh) through previously inserted jaw-jack. Two large compressed gas containers on either side of the jack.
  • Once inside the huge mouth cavity, they're immediately ambushed by a Scavanger Phage (silica-crab-virus looking thing) but quickly murder it. Merb takes some of it's dark blue inner goo.
  • Headed  deeper into the throat, past jiggly dangling meat curtains.
  • Did not further investigate a huge, moaning stomach monster in the left most flesh-chamber. Didn't head further down the trachia-hall which veered left a bit. Quickly gave up on the epiglottis-flaps-with-spikes filled flesh-tunnel (despite the virtual certainty an organ would be found there). Rather, Joe uses the spear to work a giant sphincter open, and they pop on through.
  • A small flesh chamber on the right was ignored, and they continued down the colon-ish passage until it opened up.
  • Finally, payday. Two organs hung from jiggling strands about 12' above the squishy floor. Between the Junkie Scum and the organs, 6 Bear-sized stomach monsters were rubbing on each other and making sad noises.
  • Joe held 'em back with the spear, more or less. Merb and Reality mowed 'em down. Merb took a minor hit from a acidic-mucilage whip, but armor so w/e.
  • Got the organs, but now some crazy-loud fart-roar keeps intoning back the way they'd came. Desperate looking about the dead end reveals a SECRET SPHINCTER! Reality shoots it open.
  • On the other side they grabbed another organ and crawled on down a stretchy 2' wide flesh tube in the floor. It went on for an unfortunate long time. Lights on their armor made mostly useless as they squirmed uncertainly ahead. Contact mics on outside of their suits created an unholy splorch and pop cacophony. It's like 150' long passage, but they did come out behind the HUGE fucking stomach beast heading to where they'd been.
  • Successfully eluded an ambush by waiting antibodies outside the narcwhal and hauled balls back to the ship.
  • It's decided they didn't wanna hang out to try and jerry-rig a retort to steal the good drugs from any of the 3 organs.
  • Came back, got paid. They did get the lazer rifle as promised, but not the equally expensive battery.
  • Merb and Reality struck out, but Joe scored 9 bags of H, in Welcome City Proper!
  • That's 3 bags each, 80 xp / bag.
  • My brain felt sweaty from imagining so hard. We stopped.
  • It was fun-on-a-bun!
Edit: For a little deeper look into what the game is like, take a look at the CHARACTER CREATION GUIDE for my campaign. The color piece on the first page is by Corey Brin; they make amazin' arts y'all!