Sans-System Bestiary

The Sans-System Bestiary format is my method for sharing monstrous creations without locking them into a single system. Click the Rekindled link for more info.

The Rekindled (Zombies with a Creamy Filling of Hate and Fire)

Goblins 2.0 (Goblins that resemble Early Hominids more than Mini-Orcs)*
File:Nuremberg chronicles - Strange People - Hairy Lady (XIIv).jpg

*Or as Joe so eloquently put it, miniature "prehuman [sasquatches]."

Disgusting, Smelly, Vicious Dogmen.

Weird Tentacled Dimension Fishing Horror, The Wretched Grasp.**

**Note: This One Requires a few Pence.

Maelstrom Malachite - A Big Damn Turtle with towns in its gut.