Cronnon and the Southern Marches: An Isolated, Dark Ages Sandbox

  • Explore the crumbling grandeur of the city-state Cronnon, ruled by it's corrupt, iron-fisted guilds.
  • Take to the trackless wilds to explore forgotten places, discover primitive tribes, and tempt fate against things from your blackest dreams.
  • Help the peoples of New Hope and God's Tree in their struggles to remain free from Cronnon's tyranny.
  • Or try to find the Old Gods in their ancient, abandoned shrines, at risk to your sanity and just maybe your very soul.

This is a Microsetting I randomly generated and then could not quit designing. It's a mostly-complete, system-neutral, dark-ages sandbox for you and your players to enjoy. Feel free to modify it to your heart's content for your own personal use. 

Compliments of the House.

  1. The Map, Basic Information, and Some Points of Interest.
  2. Coin in the Southern Marches.
  3. Encounters and More.
  4. The Rest of It and Some Design Notes.
  5. All About Goblins.
  6. The Senate Guilds of Cronnon.

Should you use this, please do drop me line.