Tuesday, October 4, 2016

noose tied around yer neck in the form of a tie


Day 4 - Demon

So, so many ancient pacts between fools and demons were tied with a terrible knot about the neck.

So much the better for dark ones when cravats and neck ties became such an enduring part of men's fashion.

Power is exchanged for compassion. One often flees in the presence of the other so it difficult to know if the monster is the man or tie wrapped 'round his throat.

By necessity Knot Demons are very fluent in current affairs, mergers, acquisitions, political stratagems, and fashion.  They are fierce negotiators. Should you summon one, be ready to trade many secrets for a single answer.

DO NOT under any circumstances allow one to come within a 12 inches of your neck.

The creature closes its collar-jaws with surreal speed. Suddenly, fangs pierce your spine.

Before you can comprehend, a new voices cajoles and screams in your head. Pulling yourself free is a sure way to die. You don't have to agree to its awful pact, but the beast will allow you no rest, not a heartbeat of relief, until you agree or die.

By necessity, Knot Demons molt weekly. They are always, always in style...