Friday, October 21, 2016

IMPORTANT: an interview with an OSR luminary...


I lived in this guy's trailer a few months back so now seems like a good time to ask him all the important questions.

An interview with +Anxy P. , y'all!

He drawed this picture for me.
Some other arts are here.
The above picture is in this book.

So how do you feel about Oprah Winfrey, Will?

I feel the same way about Oprah that I do about The Lottery. Shirley Jackson or the other, your pick.
If you had to eat the entirety of dog or cat, which would it be? Please specify the breed. Bonus points for recipes.

Dog. Newfoundland because of size and utilization of the coat afterward. 

Choose between the following superpowers and consequences:
A. You are invulnerable to damage, but your testicles painfully explode.
C. You can float a few inches off the ground while drunk, but sometimes your arm feels funny.
Z. You can transmit any pain and damage done to your body into somebody else's body, but now your favorite relative gets migraines

C. because it already happens daily.

The wrong kind of weirdo has a gun to your head, choose between losing your right pinky finger or both pinky toes!

Right pinky finger. I don't use it for bass playing. But I dance.

What popular song do you hate the most?

I hate Nick Jonas' Jealous

What popular song do you hate the least?

 I hate Ariana Grande's Into You the least.

Syrup or Jelly?

Depends on the jelly. Molasses is lower on the convertible sugar scale. Jelly usually spikes me in an uncontrollable way. Taste, jelly. Diabetes, syrup because it's easy to regulate.

All important issues have now been covered.