Sunday, April 3, 2016


Existential Wizards:

Philosophers, poets, junkies seeing the pearlescent pus of being.

You looked behind the muddied veil of reality: no true forms, no hidden rainbows... only hungry Void.

You weren’t the first. You won’t be the last. You haven’t killed yourself, that’s a start.

Now, go fix the trouble you made.

Characters have 2 important pieces:
NUMBNESS protects from Void. BEAUTY pushes the Void away.

[Roll 1d6 twice for starting Numbness and Beauty.]

[Hitting 0 or 10 = death.]

Otherwise, characters are just folk.

The Enemy:
Void destroys reality in widening gyres.

First pets, then people go missing. Streets fade. Eventually whole cities cease.

A neighborhood dissolves in a year, a city in a decade.

Fight the Emptiness with Art, create or abnegate.

[All works against Void are a gambit. Each character wagers an amount of Beauty.]

[Players roll 1d6 + Wagers . The GM rolls 1d10. Highest wins.]

[If the players roll higher, each adds the amount of their wager to their Beauty. Void in the area goes down a step.]

[If the Void wins, players subtract the wager amount from their Numbness. Void increases.]

[If nothing is wagered for a battle, Numbness goes up by 1, Beauty down by 1]


My submission for the 200 word RPG challenge.

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