Friday, July 17, 2015

“The Quickly Equipped MurderHobo” b/w Escaped Prisoners

It, like all RPG products, is a series of ideas to help provide you & the people you game with a good time. Seeing as “The Quickly Equipped MurderHobo” (the QEM) is a pdf release, it’s pretty much the only use for it. (I can still use my 2e splatbooks to level out wobbly chairs, for instance, in addition to mining them for ideas.)

In particular, the QEM thing is a method for easily outfitting a level 1 murderhobo, by choosing from Kits of basic wilderness, dungeoneering, and/or murder equipment. Plus a few further choices and random charts to help differentiate characters with the same kit. Each starting character has: a silver penny, a sack, a small water flask, a crust of bread, and the stuff detailed within one of the Equipment Kits.

This is meant to replace the you have 3d6xMoney now buy stuff from list method. Just pick or roll for a kit; roll on a chart or two; start playing. I’ve tried to further expedite things by putting all the kits into print and cut chits to avoid tedious notation; the scholar and barber-surgeon kits, for example, contain a lot of shit.

For many of us, this will be more useful as a concept rather than my particular kit ideas. The PDF containing the print and cut chits has a form-fillable page. Maybe this will encourage folks that otherwise might not do so to make their own kits. Maybe it’ll make the whole thing marginally more useful. Maybe.

I think the best things in the QEM are the Occupation Kits. Figuring out how to adventure with baking supplies and farming implements is the best kind of fun. (There are also very simple rules for improvised weapons and armor to help with this.)

A multipage preview is totally available at any of the many links throughout this post. [CLICK HERE]

And now for something new...
An example of an equipment kit, which does not appear in “The Quickly Equipped MurderHobo”

In lieu of the abovementioned standard items, escaped slaves and/or prisoners ONLY have what’s detailed below.

Escaped Prisoner/Slave Equipment Kit
Tattered Tunic, Rope Belt, Broken Manacles, Improvised Sack.

Rusty Knife or Cobbled-together Shield (lasts 1d6 battles) or Embroidered Silk Kerchief (1gp).

Flint & Tinder & Candle or Several Stale Crusts of Bread (2 days worth) or Silver Spoon (worth 12sp).

Waterskin or Heavy Pickaxe or Grain Flail or Bottle of Well Aged Brandy(20sp).

It should be interesting to see whether players choose safety, defense, necessities, or valuables (which might be traded for the other things later).

A fun campaign could be kicked off, with a group of escaped slaves/prisoners:

A plan was hatched to meet at a certain point and make their escape, but the brief nature of the PCs’ interactions prohibited logistical planning beyond this. Each player must make their equipment choices blind to what the other players have done. Now, everybody has to make do with what they’ve managed to arrive at the meeting place with…

So ya, there’s something fun even if you think my Equipment book is dumb.

Anyway, Buy my book!… or don’t. I’m not the boss of you.