Saturday, January 24, 2015

Shared Nightmares: d10 Rumors You heard on the Playground

Shared Nightmares is a setting for Into the Odd.

1 | Kelli Dunston says that in the houses with no children, no one ever turns on the lights.

2 | Children who die in their dreams will soon show up to school with black stained fingers. The next day, their families move away.

3 | Billy Reed says he saw a feathered dragon soaring through the sky at dusk.

4 | Pet birds keep trying to escape their cages and go outside. (If left locked in, they will slam into the bars until they die.)

5 | If you wake up early enough after a shared dream, you’ll find your front steps covered in reptiles, turtles, and snakes.

6 | Clouds of black dust billow out of the Deepwell Experimental Mining Project both day and night. (Most of the mommies and daddies work there.)

7 | Jesus Jimenez says that there are a bunch of spiny alligators down in the bottoms by the river.

8 | All the plants near the old strip pits have started dying off.

9 | Amanda Blinkhorn keeps finding bloody sparrow’s wings on her walk home.

10| All the books about dinosaurs have been checked out of the library for months.

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